First Look: Inside NYC's Newest Food Hall, Gansevoort Market

By Kelly Dobkin  |  October 20, 2014
Credit: Kelly Dobkin

The popularity of food festivals like Smorgasburg and Hester Street Fair has gotten real estate/hospitality machers thinking: What if a similar multi-vendor concept could function year round? Enter Gotham West Market, Berg'n, and NYC's latest food hall, Gansevoort Market, which opened fully this weekend. We stopped by to check out the situation on Saturday, by which point almost all vendors were open with the exception of Luzzo's pizza. What we found: Tacombi tacos; Sushi Dojo Express which had a five-seat sushi counter; lobster rolls, clam chowder and more at Ed's Lobster Bar; a Basque tapas bar at Donostia, and dozens of sandwiches from the Italy-based Cappone's. You'll also find a standalone kiosk called The Bruffin (which sells the mash-up hybrid pastry from Smorgasburg), macarons from Dana's Bakery and a Greek yogurt bar by Yiaourti. Seating is limited (only fits about 60) but most of the vendor kiosks offer bar seating which was mostly free and the outdoor tables along the corner of Gansevoort and Little W. 12th make a perfect picnic spot on warmer days.

52 Gansevoort St.; 212-242-1701

Open 9AM-10PM daily

The line at Tacombi

​Three rolls for $18 at Sushi Dojo Express. Lobster roll and clam chowder from Ed's.