First Look: Tadashi Ono's New Menu at Ganso Ramen

By Kelly Dobkin  |  June 24, 2014
Credit: Rob Tallia

The gist: Downtown Brooklyn Japanese restaurant Ganso, which quietly opened in 2012, has been completely revamped thanks to a partnership with executive chef Tadashi Ono of the recently shuttered MaisonO (and previously La Caravelle) as Ganso Ramen.

The new menu: For the ramen, Ono has created a rich all-chicken broth but the dish itself will a variety of toppings including braised pork. A summer ramen made with cold noodles, soy-braised chicken chashu, Japanese cucumber, tomato, ajitama egg and a soy sauce vinaigrette is another welcome addition for this late June launch.  Tori Shio ramen made with Japanese sea salt chicken broth, soy-braised chicken cashu, ajitama egg and moyashi sprouts is another option. You can also expect grilled short rib buns, roasted pork jowl and a Ramen Joint salad made with deep fried ramen noodles, ramen dressing, baby arugula, Japanese cucumber, radish and asparagus. Check out the full menu and photos below.

The details: 25 Bond Street, Brooklyn; 718-403-0900

Photos by Rob Tallia

Ganso Ramen Summer Menu 2014

  • Interior

  • Summer Ramen: classic cold ramen noodles,soy-braised chicken chashu, Japanese cucumber, tomato, ajitama egg, soy sauce vinaigrette

  • Crispy Gyoza: pork-and-garlic chive pot stickers, chili oil-soy sauce dipping sauce

  • Tori Shio: Japanese sea salt-chicken broth, soy-braised chicken chashu, ajitama egg, moyashi sprouts