Golden Cadillac Brings Retro Cocktails to the EV

By James Mulcahy  |  November 8, 2013
Credit: Daniel Kreiger

A Golden Cadillac isn't just one of the most bitchin' rides known to man, it's an obscure cocktail from the 1970s that one new East Village bar has adopted as its namesake drink. And last night the shakers started to pour this blend of Galliano, white crème de cacao and cream for the bar's public debut.

So, first question: how does it taste? Like dessert, with herbal undertones. Even with all of the mixology magic going on today in NYC bars, we haven't seen a resurgence of cream-based drinks (what's the last really great White Russian you had?), and we can comfortably say that it stands out for its uniqueness. Galliano is like absinthe minus the anise, and it blends with the cream to create a eggnog-esque blend that's good for after dinner, or just when you're looking to have something you haven't tried before.

And that's just what this place aims to do, bring back retro drinks that have been lost through time, or dismissed by serious imbibers since they appeared in the movie Cocktail (this explains the Long Island Iced tea, being offered playfully with a bottle of Coke on the side). Thankfully, though, it's not Tom Cruise running the bar, but cocktail historian Greg Boehm and Clover Club vet Giuseppe Gonzalez. With low lights and black-and-gold decor, the room could double as Michelle Pfeiffer's boudoir in Scarface, and a menu of bar bites from chef Miguel Trinidad of nearby Jeepney is available. How he figured out what pairs well with a Long Island, we have no idea.

13 First Ave.

  • Credit: Daniel Kreiger

    The Golden Cadillac