Hill Country Launches Pies Online

By Zagat Staff  |  November 13, 2013

Hill Country Chicken's pie cups are so popular, they're getting their own website. After all, when a baked good comes with the words "Grandma Approved," you know it's legit. The petite desserts, previously available in-store only, can now be ordered online in time for the holidays, helping to fill that awkward conversation gap that once existed amongst you and your in-laws. A full roster including the Texas Billionaire (bittersweet chocolate, pecans, mini-marshmallows, salted caramel) is available, along with rotating options like coconut custard. The pie cups start at $4.50 and can be shipped throughout the continental U.S. from Hill Country's New York kitchen. For those unfamiliar with how to eat or serve a pie cup, a step-by-step pictorial is there to guide you (spoiler: it's not too complicated).