NYC's 10 Most Instagrammable Fall Donuts

By Priya Krishna  |  September 27, 2016

Is it never not a great time to eat a donut? As the craze only continues to deepen, bakeries and restaurants have been seriously amping up their fried dough game — especially when it comes to fall flavors. Below are the season’s most shareable creations. 

Those Beetz Are Dope: The Doughnut Project

Beets and goat cheese may be one of 2011’s biggest salad clichés, but at The Doughnut Project, the combo is a downright breakthrough in fried dough. The sweet and tangy treat, which comes with a glassy pink beet glaze and a rich ricotta stuffing, won the People’s Choice award at this year’s DonutFest, making it one of the seasonal mainstays at the innovative shop.   

10 Morton St.; 212-691-5000

Pumpkin butterscotch cake donut: Queens Comfort

Montana D'Alessio is the secret weapon behind the delectable donuts at Queens Comfort. You may know her by her supremely 'grammable Lucky Charms donut — but her latest is what we’re craving this fall: a pumpkin cake donut with rich butterscotch chips folded right into the batter. While the donut is still hot from the fryer, it gets a hefty coating of cinnamon sugar and pumpkin spice. Every bite comes chock full of melty butterscotch and all the spicy, nutty fall flavors you could ever want.

4009 30th Ave, Astoria; 718-728-2350

Maple-raspberry stuffed donut: Cinnamon Snail

The maple-raspberry stuffed donut at the Cinnamon Snail (a former food truck with its first brick-and-mortar location at the Pennsy food hall) is more than just a sweet, fruity, sprinkled delight. This “inception” donut comes topped with even smaller donuts — and those are then topped with even tinier morsels. Oh, did we mention that it’s vegan? 

2 Pennsylvania Plaza; 917-475-1830

Rainbow donut: Glaze Artisan Donuts 

It’s worth the ride on the PATH just for a taste of this colorful concoction, which is inspired by a classic Italian rainbow cookie. Three doughs, dyed the colors of the Italian flag, are fried, stuffed with raspberry jelly and then encased in a thick layer of chocolate glaze. In all, it's a major upgrade to the rainbow bagel, one of the biggest viral food trends of the year. And, pro tip: It's only available on weekends.

 358 River Rd, New Milford, NJ; 201-483-8634

Ube Bae donuts: Manila Social Club

You’ve probably heard of the 24-karat gold Cristal donut at this Brooklyn Filipino restaurant. A lesser-known, less expensive and equally gorgeous donut to come out of Manila Social Club is the Ube Bae — a sweet treat filled and colored with the naturally vibrant purple yam that’s popular throughout the country. If you love sweet potatoes (or brightly colored desserts), you’re going to want to get your hands on this bad boy. 

2 Hope St., Brooklyn; 718-384-4396

Brioche donut: Mah Ze Dahr Bakery 

The hotly anticipated Mah Ze Dahr Bakery just opened in the West Village, and the brioche donut is one of its most buzzed-about offerings. It’s a simple pastry executed perfectly — super-soft brioche, silky pastry cream and pure, vanilla-infused sugar. The cherry on top is the donut hole, which gets nestled right in the center of the treat. 

28 Greenwich Ave.; 212-498-9810

Tutto bombolini: Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde pastry chef Kierin Baldwin is known for having taken the restaurant’s donut game to an entirely new level. Most interesting lately is the tutto bombolini — translation: “everything donut" — a cream cheese–filled, vanilla-glazed pastry that’s topped with everything-bagel seasoning (plus fried shallots). Is it savory? Is it sweet? You’ll have to try one yourself to find out. 

377 Greenwich St.; 212-925-3797

Mulled cider donut: Underwest Donuts

The Hell’s Kitchen donut shop, which is tucked into a car wash, is one of the most Instagrammed spots in New York. And for good reason: Its donuts, like this mulled cider version, are picture perfect. With a tidy apple cider glaze and a candied orange peel topping, this is the glazed donut of your autumnal dreams. And If you can’t make your way to the West Side, good news: Underwest is opening a to-go window near Penn Station in November. 

638 W. 47th St.; 212-317-2359

The Freeze Brain: Curiosity Doughnuts

You may think that it’s not worth your time to drive 45 minutes outside of Manhattan for a donut, but the Freeze Brain at Curiosity Doughnuts will change that. Not only is the donut shop located in an idyllic Gilmore Girls–esque marketplace, but this custard-topped creation is decadent and somehow not too rich — truly a feat, considering that it's a blob of fried dough topped with ice cream and sprinkles. You can mix-and-match the donut and custard flavors; we highly recommend topping your Freeze Brain with ciderscotch, Curiosity Doughtnuts' proprietary (and seasonal) cider-infused caramel. 

19 Bridge St., Stockton, NJ

Pokéseed Pokemon donut: Doughnut Plant 

The Pokemon Go craze may be fading, but Doughnut Plant’s new Pokéseed donut, is just heating up. It's inspired by the popular app’s pecha berries, which provide energy, and is flavored with strawberry and peach cream, plus raspberry glaze and dark and white chocolate icing. As an added bonus: Three of Doughnut Plant’s locations are also pokestops. 

379 Grand St.; 212-505-3700