7 New Pizza Joints to Try in NYC

By James Mulcahy  |  September 24, 2013

New Yorkers have an endless appetite for pizza, which means there's always room for a new pie in the Big Apple. Or seven. If you're tired of the same old delivery, check out the list below and sample the offerings at these new pizza joints. And if you still feel like staying in, don't worry, plenty of them deliver. 

  • Shelter Pizza

    The folks behind Rosarito's fish shack fired up the wood-burning oven for their Williamsburg followup, and the hearth churns out personal-sized pies along with a selection of empanadas. The vibe is rustic and hip, like many restaurants in this hood: a big tin wall at the entryway features a painting of a faded American flag, and shaggy furniture and cords of wood meant for the stove make the place feel like a cool hunting lodge.

    80 N. Seventh St., Brooklyn

  • American Flatbread

    You can score a seat at the counter at this sizable Vermont import in TriBeCa, which offers views of the pies coming out of the wood-fired, earthen oven. The outpost is actually an extension of a small chain of restaurants in Vermont, so it's no surprise that the dough and many of the ingredients are organic, and there are options available for vegans.

    205 Hudson St.; 212-776-1441

  • Wild

    The old Slice space in the West Village has gotten a makeover, and the pizza has as well. The pies here now are totally gluten-free, and many of the ingredients being used are vegan (and yes, even for the dessert pizza). Pies include a vegan barbecue chicken variety with a meatless BBQ bird, onion and mozzarella, and a cheekily named variety dubbed the "skinny bitch," which is topped with marinara, grilled zucchini, pesto and eggplant.

    One tip: when it's warm outside, the space comes equipped with a charmer of a sidewalk cafe.

    535 Hudson St.

  • Roberta's, The Easy Way

    News flash: there is a way to try Roberta's pizza without trekking to Bushwick and waiting for over two hours. The Brooklyn-based eatery is bringing its pies to Manhattan, at least for a month. They will be part of the annual Madison Square Eats market, an outdoor selection of food vendors that will set up shop in Madison Square Park from September 27-October 5. They'll be slinging their pies from 11 AM to 9 PM, making a great alternative to a ride on the L train or a lunchtime lost in the line at Shake Shack.

    Madison Square Park 

  • One Twenty Two First Avenue

    This East Villager isn't a new standalone pizza joint, it's an offshoot of the slice-slinging First Avenue location of South Brooklyn Pizza. It's billed as a "pizza speakeasy," since there is a minimal web presence and the space had a word-of-mouth strategy over the summer. It's not exactly hidden though, and the pies are much more ornate than the standard NYC-style cheese offerings you'll find next door. Offerings include standards like a Margherita and more elaborate creations like the St. Marks, which comes with quail eggs and speck.

    122 First Ave.; 212-533-2809

  • Stella 34

    Three wood-burning ovens named after Italy's active volcanoes (Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli, for those who aren't geography buffs), and the hearths are erupting with Neopolitan-style pies from chef Jarett Appell. They are serious about authenticity here - the water used to make the dough was sourced from local wells in the attempt to recreate the proper pH balance found in Naples. Toppings range from mushrooms to corn and ham, and hungry groups can order a special half-meter option that will feed up to four diners. Sure, it's in Macy's, but if you can make it up past the crowds and up the elevator, you'll see why this place was on our recent list of best-kept restaurant secrets.

    151 W. 34th St.; 212-967-9251

  • Bonus: Corvo Bianco

    Ok, this UWS gem isn't a pizza joint, but it's still worth a visit to witness the magic of Elizabeth Falkner, who mans the stoves and puts out a menu of affordable, coastal Italian fare. The chef, who was formerly at Brooklyn joint Krescendo, has included a few small square pies on the menu, and they alone are worth the visit. They are appetizer-sized - order the meatball pizza, a simple, perfectly charred way to start your meal.

    446 Columbus Ave.; 212-595-2624