NYC Today, September 3: Bite-Sized Bagels

By James Mulcahy  |  September 3, 2013

The Jitney made its final run of the season this weekend and New Yorkers are coming back to work to a dreary, rainy day. There's one cure for the post-summer doldrums: carbs. Today marks the official opening of Bantam Bagels on Bleecker Street. This shop, which is timed perfectly for the end of bathing suit season, specializes in what are essentially bagel holes. The bite-sized, Munchkin-like creations come in flavors like everything and sesame, and they are filled with cream cheese or butter. Will New Yorkers be ready to embrace this reinvention of their beloved bagel? Get info here and top by 283 Bleecker Street to take a taste and weigh in (and we don't mean on the scale - a few of these can't be too damaging).