NYC's Best Restaurants: 2014 Survey Results Revealed!

By James Mulcahy  |  October 4, 2013

The results of our 2014 New York City Restaurants Survey are live - drum roll, please! The Big Apple's best and brightest are represented in the results, which covers 2,084 restaurants as voted on by 48,114 diners. With all of that choice, how are you supposed to decide where to make those dinner reservations? This year’s survey is packed with lists, including suggestions ranging from where to eat near Barclay’s Center to options for grabbing lunch when you’re craving the city's best chicken.

We know your stomach is growling for the results, so let's get to it. Check out this year’s big winners in the slideshow below or if you're looking for a mega-sized list, see our countdown of the top 100 NYC restaurants here. Also, stay tuned for more survey throughout the week.

  • Key Stats: New Yorkers Eat Out a Lot

    New York diners report going out to lunch or dinner 4.9 times per week, which is above the national average of 4.4 restaurant visits during each seven-day stretch. This is a proposition that can get pricey, as diners report spending $48.56 for dinner per person, on average. That tab is much higher than the country's average of $40.53.

  • Credit: Daniel Krieger

    New York City's Best Restaurant

    Eric Ripert, you've done it again. The French chef's fine-dining temple Le Bernardin has been named the city's best restaurant for the fifth year in a row, followed by Bouley in second place and Per Se in third. How does the famed chef manage to stay at the top of his game? This is actually Le Bernardin’s 12th overall victory in the Top Food category, which is the most of any restaurant in the history of our survey.

    Even more impressive is the fact that the high-end seafooder managed to stay on top while Ripert is focused on launching a new project. Sometime this year the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar is slated to open around the block from the restaurant, along with a gigantic private dining room known as Bernardin Privé.

  • Time Warner Center Restos Dominate Decor and Service

    Ripert may have nabbed the city's best food, but it's the restaurants in the Time Warner Center that took home the other top honors. This culinary destination houses Per Se, which won the title for Top Service, and Asiate, which won in the Decor category. Both are repeat winners.

    Following Per Se in the Service category was Le Bernardin (Ripert shouldn't be too upset) and Eleven Madison Park, while the Decor runners-up were Per Se and Daniel, respectively.

  • The Most Popular Eateries

    Le Bernardin gets ratings in the stratosphere for Food, Service and Decor, so you shouldn't be surprised to learn that it's also the most popular restaurant according to our survey. It was followed by Danny Meyer's Gramercy Tavern in second place, while NYC carnivores staked their claim by voting Peter Luger Steakhouse into the third slot.

  • Ramen Race

    A slew of slurp shops have opened around town in New York City, but it's a teeny Hell's Kitchen haunt that's dishing out town's best noodles. Totto Ramen, which regularly features crowds congregating on the street, was named the city's best, beating out Ippudo, which came in second place. The East Village favorite, which also has its share of lines, is not going down without a fight, however, having just opened a new location on West 51st Street. We look forward to witnessing this brothy battle royale.

  • Top Chinese

    Last year, West Village newcomer RedFarm (pictured) took the top honors in the Chinese cuisine category, surprising many who expected one of Chinatown's storied haunts to come in first. Well, this year one of them did just that, with Prosperity Dumpling jumping past RedFarm and taking the gold. Owner Eddie Schoenfeld still has a lot to celebrate, as his dim sum ranked in first place. Upper West Side diners should also rejoice, as the restaurant's second location should be opening in the neighborhood soon.

  • Other Top Cuisine Shuffles

    Our ratings by cuisine saw a number of new winners appear on the list. Pies-N-Thighs was named the city's best chicken for the first time, while high-end Jungsik (pictured) was declared the city's best Korean. Tortilleria Nixtamal secured the Top Mexican slot, Raoul's was named the best French bistro, and Taïm's meatless fare brought it back to the top of the Vegetarian list, after coming in second in our last survey.

  • Best Burger, Pizza and Lobster Rolls - Drool

    The best burger in New York continues to be the simple-is-better patty being flipped at Burger Joint. The operation hasn't changed their recipe since opening more than 10 years ago, but it did launch a new West Village location last year, bringing their juicy offerings Downtown. It wasn't just our surveyors who proved to be fans - the pop phenoms known as Hanson even visited with us this year.

    In the pizza category, it was Brooklyn's Lucali that is dishing out the best pies, and the best lobster roll can be found at Pearl Oyster Bar. Now that you know the winners, the hard part begins: which of these items should you have for lunch?

  • Favorite Cuisines: Italian, French, Japanese

    The New York culinary world is as much of a melting pot as the city itself, and about 100 cuisines are represented on this year's survey. New Yorkers still claim that Italian is the most crave-worthy cuisine, with 32% of surveyors saying it is their favorite. Even though Italian has a broad appeal, it’s French that has a lock on the Top Food list, landing in seven of the top 10 slots. The cuisine of Japan also impressed - Japanese restaurants received the highest average food rating (like Sushi Yasuda, pictured here). Moral of the story: there is a lot of deliciousness to choose from.

  • 2014 NYC Restaurants Survey: The Lists

    Once you're done digesting the winners, spend some time seeing who else ranked on some of the most highly contested lists. 

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