Where to Celebrate the Olympics in NYC

By Billy Lyons  |  February 4, 2014
Credit: Sochi Official Website

While New Yorkers banter over Staten Island Chuck's (correct) prediction of another six weeks of winter, the world's top athletes are preparing to descend upon the frozen tundra that is Sochi. With the world coming together to celebrate human triumph in snowboarding, figure skating, and even curling, there's plenty of food and drink deals to toast as well. Here's a guide to where we'll be celebrating the 22nd annual Winter Olympics.

Bleecker Kitchen & Co.: Though we may not be able to wear the gold, at least one neighborhood spot is letting us taste glory - albeit in liquid form. The restaurant will have a special Gold Rush cocktail available throughout the games to remind fans chanting U-S-A there's no better American spirit to cheer with than bourbon. The kitchen's all-American menu includes shrimp and grits along with Maine lobster rolls, making this the ultimate culinary retreat for those supporting America through eating habits (212-253-7467)

BLT Burger/Go Burger: We love different versions of one item, especially when that item is called a burger. Both of these patty specialists will re-launch their international burger menu in honor of the 16-day global affair, and a look at the lineup reveals it's stacked higher than a half-pipe. A poutine burger smothered in burger sauce and cheddar cheese represents Canada, while fans of the UK can opt for a fried fish patty in a fish n' chips style sandwich. There's also a tempura-battered beef patty with Miso Russian dressing and a croque monsieur burger for those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary (212-243-8226/212-988-9822).

Eight Turn Crepe: We know some of you view lunch as a timed event equal only to speed skating. If that's the case, grabbing a Czar's Crepe with fillings like chopped boiled egg and black caviar is a must. The SoHo shop is featuring two specialty crepes for the duration of the Olympics, with The Prince's Crepe featuring salmon roe and Russian sour cream rounding out the torch-shaped duo (212-334-3408).

NYY Steak: Should you find your team down and out, there's no better place to head to than a restaurant that celebrates the iconic New York Yankees. The restaurant's head brains behind the bar, Alex Sariyan and Sae Suh, have come up with a special libation dubbed the Gold Medal. The drink includes bourbon, ginger liqueur and agave nectar, though we recommend saving the sweet ginger garnish until your favorite athlete tastes the equally sweet sensation of victory (646-307-7910).

Reserve Cut: The modern kosher steakhouse is offering up several specials to commemorate the Olympics host city. Chicken Kiev, borscht, and beef stroganoff are a few Russian delicacies that will all be offered throughout the games. Additionally, the restaurant's menu showcases a robust selection of steaks and sushi should we wish to sample cross-country cuisine (212-747-0300).

Rocky McBride's: Celebrating the opening ceremonies with drink specials is a great way to make the parade of athletes fly by. The Astoria bar is offering up several red, white and blue cocktails ranging from $6 to $7, with $4 shot specials like white chocolate cookie dough shots ready to toast the torch lighting. The bar will also be pouring $10 pitchers of Miller Light and $3 PBR's should anyone wish to demonstrate their love of America in a less colorful manner (718-777-2723).

Stone Rose Lounge: We always appreciate having a beacon of humor nearby, especially when it comes to heart-pounding events that can make or break an athlete's career. To release the tension in the cold Russian air, this lounge offers cocktails with names like James Bond On The Slope and Putin's Patience. The sky-high locale over Columbus Circle also makes the lounge a fitting place to watch the likes of Alpine skiing and freestyle snowboarding (212-823-9770).