Dough Loco Opens on the Upper East Side

By Anne Roderique Jones | September 5, 2013 By Anne Roderique Jones  |  September 5, 2013

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of Corey Cova, Ryan Gaskins and Michael Cesari’s donut shop on the Upper, Upper East Side since May. The day has arrived, and we were there for the first taste. As of 7 AM this morning, Dough Loco is open for business and Cova is making the donuts. Check out this slide show of his insanely creative and incredibly tasty treats. P.S. Don’t even consider the C-word. You won’t find them on the menu.

1261 Park Ave.

  • Photo by: Anne Roderique-Jones

    Fresh blueberry and rosemary, fishished with a hint of lime

  • Photo by: Anne Roderique-Jones

    A single, plain donut

  • Photo by: Anne Roderique-Jones

    Pineapple with brown butter

  • Photo by: Anne Roderique-Jones

    A maple-miso donut with fresh, farmer's market sourced maple

  • Photo by: Anne Roderique-Jones

     This Italian donut was inspired by a Kickstarter contributor - it's made with blood orange, grapefruit and sprinkled with poppy seed

  • Fruition chocolate from Peru with a hint of sea salt inside 

  • Super cool digs

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