Pete Wells Awards One Star to The Pines in Gowanus

By Kelly Dobkin  |  August 20, 2013

Pete Wells of the NYTimes just filed his latest restaurant review on Gowanus eatery The Pines, which opened late last summer. Reading the review, it seems that Wells had some very mixed experiences (including a bloody breast of squab) and was ready to give up on the eatery after a few visits, but eventually he was pleased enough to award it one star. He writes: "Despite the untucked appearance of the Pines, it is surprisingly easy to spend what you would in a slick Manhattan restaurant. One night I’d rolled in like a drug dealer, hundreds of dollars stuffed in my pocket because I knew the Pines didn’t take credit cards. Service was vague and distant. We waited interminably for food, cocktails, even glasses of wine. To settle the check at the end of a long, slow night, I needed about $100 more than I had brought." (Note: The Pines now accepts credit cards.) [NYT]