Why August Is Ramen's Moment in NYC

By James Mulcahy  |  August 8, 2013

The past couple weeks have felt more like fall than a hot and sweaty NYC August, so maybe that's why ramen has become the de facto food of the month. And it's good news that the weather is bearable, because the folks waiting in the lines at Smorgasburg wouldn't enjoy their ramen burger that much if they were all sweaty when they got to the front. The good news today is that the burger will be back at the food market this weekend. Sweet since over 500 people reportedly lined up to consume 100 portions. Sharing is caring, right? Grub Street reports that the burgers will be back this weekend and the makers will have enough ingredients for 300 portions (which means 1,000 people will line up, natch).

If you are looking for a more traditional bowl and less of a wait, of course Ippudo has opened in Midtown. We went by the other night at prime time and found something shocking: a wait of less than 30 minutes for dinner. The venue is serving its signature Tonkotsu (pork) broths and an expanded selection of appetizers at 321 West 51st Street. And up in Morningside Heights, Yasha Ramen (960 Amsterdam Ave.) just expanded their menu and adopted lunch hours after a late-July opening. Check out the full selection here

And finally, this week yet another new ramen transplant from Tokyo setup shop in Little Italy. Bassanova Ramen is up and running in a subterranean space, and this one is still off the foodie's radar (read: no wait). There are three selections on the menu of this cash only joint, and it's only open for dinner, but we're hearing that it's a good hidden option. Until it gets on the radar and is mobbed (76 Mott St.). 

All this, and the biggest joint hasn't even opened yet. Ivan Ramen is on the way this fall. Think NYC dwellers can out-slurp even the best of them?