New Supper Club Uses Marijuana as Star Ingredient

By Billy Lyons  |  January 24, 2014

Though haute cuisine may bring to mind a sense of formality when dining out, a new underground supper club is hoping to spread good vibes by infusing a bit of marijuana in every bite., which claims to be the first marijuana experience dedicated to fine dining, is now up and running with a spring tasting menu - but don't expect stoner food. A glance at the menu reveals items like pork schnitzel with Og Kush butter and slow-cooked Catskill pullet eggs with lemon mazar "hollandaze." Though the organizers note the experience is not about indulging in order to achieve a buzz, the club does want diners to appreciate the way the "flavorings" balance out each dish - even if they leave us slightly unbalanced later on. [Eater]