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Sweetwater Social Trickling Into The Vault at Pfaff's

By Billy Lyons  |  January 24, 2014

Tim Cooper, who's decade-plus bartending resume includes crafting cocktails at Goldbar, is ready to crack open the The Vault at Pfaff's once again. Charles Pfaff's historic beer cellar, which counted Mark Twain and Walt Whitman as satisfied customers back in the mid-19th century, was reintroduced to New Yorkers in September 2011 but never generated the same amount of interest as its predecessor - which even made its way into one of Whitman's poems. The bar shut down in May 2013 along with its top floor neighbor Corner Shop Cafe. Now, however, the space is reeopening as Sweetwater Social, which does not appear to have any literary ties, though the tradition of offering delicious drinks is expected to continue. 

643 Broadway