Champagne Sabering Comes to Queens

By Billy Lyons  |  November 25, 2013

If you're looking for a pre-M. Wells Steakhouse drink destination - or have an hour to kill because you forgot to call ahead - check out The Baroness Bar. Even more impressive than their list of high-end wine and champagne?The fact bottles are opened the old fashioned way, by saber, which means you may want to pack a poncho just in case you're all dressed up. The practice is a fixture, just as long as you are willing to shell  out for a bottle of bubbles (from $60 to $96). A small selection of craft beer bottles and drafts from breweries like Long Trail and Magic Hat are also listed if you prefer a more economical night out, as brews range from six to eight bucks. If you're firmly entrenched after a drink or two, there's also charcuterie, flatbreads, and a selection of cheeses courtesy of Murray's Cheese Shop. Flatbreads feature creative toppings and names, like the Granny Smith (brie cheese, apple preserve, and ham) and Fidel Castro (Tasso ham, Manchego cheese, spicy mustard aioli and pickles). We're not sure how the flatbread is cut, but we're pretty sure it's acceptable to use a knife and fork if necessary since we're sure that's what a baroness would do.


41-26 Crescent St., Queens; 718-784-5065