Best Thing We Ate

The Best Thing We Ate: Peri Peri Chicken at Jack's Wife Freda

By James Mulcahy  |  July 29, 2013

Low-key NoLita gem Jack's Wife Freda proved to be the perfect haunt for a summer Sunday dinner. The moderate prices and easy-going service were exactly what we needed after a weekend out of town - if there's any restaurant in The Big Apple that genuinely feels like home, it's this one. We scored ourselves a tumbler full of rosé and the peri peri chicken, one of the venue's signature dishes that is mind-blowingly moist. The meat is brined for 24 hours before cooking, trapping in the moisture, and it's served on a bed of diced veggies which keep things feeling fresh. The resulting plate is both hearty and light at the same time, making this dish good for an end of weekend high point, or for pretty much any other meal during the week.