Yes, This Sundae Costs $1,000

By Kelly Dobkin  |  May 1, 2014

Over-the-top food items are nothing new for NYC, especially ones with an extravagant price tag. Now, there's new baller bait at trendy Meatpacking favorite Bagatelle, known for its boozy club-like brunches and French bistro fare. Beginning today, the eatery is rolling out a doozy of a dessert, called the Mauboussin Mega Sundae, which costs $1,000 a pop and puts a ring on it - it's served alongside an actual white gold ring. So let's break down exactly how this "Jay-Z of desserts" (as the restaurant calls it) is made. Below, executive chef Sebastien Chamaret walks us through the process step by step.

Photos by Clay Williams

  • The mise en place - vanilla ice cream, chocolate truffles, homemade macarons, Dom Perignon Rose sorbet with gold leaves (you read that correctly), chocolate vodka sauce, gilded brownies and fresh whipped cream. This is like Richie Rich's dream sundae station.

  • First, chef prepares the gilded brownies which will be used to garnish the dessert later on by laying gold leaf atop homemade chocolate brownies. It's not as simple it looks as the delicate gold leaf can be hard to layer evenly.

  • Yep, they put a ring on it. The epic sundae is presented alongside this white gold/black steel Mauboussin ring called “Moi non plus/Toi non plus,” made exclusively for Bagatelle.

  • Chef begins the building process by layering macarons and chocolate truffles in the bottom of the giant martini glass.

  • Next he adds scoops of vanilla ice cream all around the glass until it's equally layered.

  • Next is the Dom Perignon rose sorbet with gold leaves that is made in-house. Dom Perginon rose is hard to find and must be bought at retail price, which is around $300 a bottle.

  • Once all of the ice cream is in place, a special chocolate vodka sauce is poured on top. We tasted a shot of it on the side - potent stuff.

  • Then the whole thing is topped with piped creme Chantilly, aka whipped cream.

  • For the big finish, the gilded brownies and macarons are embedded all around the crown of the sundae creation. 

  • Credit: Clay Williams

    Et voila - the $1000 sundae is complete. Get those black AMEX cards ready.