Ultimate NYC Super Bowl Takeout Guide

By Zagat Staff  |  January 27, 2014

There’s only one week left until the Seahawks and the Broncos battle it out in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, which means that from now until February 2, NYC will be packed with droves of ticket-holding tourists. We've already put together some of the best places to watch - or avoid watching - the game here. But if you just want to stay at home, we’ve listed some of the most delicious game-day take-out options we found this side of the Hudson. We’re talking Pok Pok’s addictive fish-sauce wings and glazed Dr. Pepper lamb ribs from Momofuku Ma Pêche. Sound good so far? Then keep reading. - Jasmin Sun


    Dinosaur Barbecue

    Game-Day Packages: Two packages are available for takeaway: the Pigskin ($130.95) comes with 48 wings and three racks of ribs. It’s served with celery and blue cheese dipping sauce, and feeds 10. The Gridiron ($259.95) offers double the number of wings and ribs, and serves 20. Blue cheese sauce and celery included.
    Ordering Tips: There’s no cut-off date for orders. However, package quantities are limited, so order sooner rather than later. (212) 694-1777

    Game-Day Package: Order batches ($24.50 for 24) of their cayenne-pepper-dusted, lemon-pepper Scarpariello wings, or choose from various platters: classic meatballs, eggplant parmigiana and lasagna are available to feed 20 ($60) or 40 ($110) guests.

    Ordering Tips: 
Place orders by calling (212) 362-2200 or ordering online by January 30.

    The Cecil
    Game-Day Package: Super Bowl à la carte specials include: crispy tamarind ribs (half rack for $14); spicy piri piri chicken wings (dozen for $12), smoked brisket bao buns (3 for $10); chicken chili fries ($10), chicken frank mac 'n' cheese with crispy black-eyed peas ($16); barbecue roti pizza ($12); and crispy fish tacos (3 for $12).
Ordering Tips: Call to order up to two hours before the game. (212) 866-1262

  • Credit: Clay Williams


    2nd Ave Deli
    Game-Day Package: The Super Bowl Feast ($325) comes with your choice of hors d’oeuvres (Franks in a Blanket, mini potato knishes), salads (potato, Israeli, macaroni, coleslaw), entree (assorted deli sandwiches, 3-ft.-long hero), pickles/sour tomatoes and chocolate babka. Serves 10.
    Ordering Tips: No cut-off, but preorder spots fill quickly, so place orders sooner rather than later. Their regular menu is also available for takeout, with a $100 minimum. (212) 737-1700

    Game-Day Package: Venison nachos ($25) and Super Balls (three large lamb meatballs for $12) will be available for takeout on game day in addition to the regular menu
    Ordering Tips: No ordering deadline, but place orders earlier rather than later to avoid delays. (212) 722-8959

    Earl’s Beer and Cheese
Game-Day Package: Super Bowl-sized orders of their signature garlicky beer cheese ($20, feeds 10) and six-packs of Earl’s Torpedoes ($30) - shredded Buffalo chicken, lettuce, blue cheese on a potato hot dog roll - will be available for preorder. 

    Ordering Tips: Orders must be placed no later than January 31 by e-mailing info@earlsny.com, and picked up on Sunday between 2 PM and 6 PM. 
(212) 289-1581

    Cucina Ciano
    Game-Day Package:
    Foot-long versions of their spicy arrabbiata veal meatball heros ($12) will be available.
Ordering Tips: Call to place take-out orders in advance as well as on game day. Plus: free delivery if you live within 20 blocks of the restaurant. 
(646) 422-7550

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    Momofuku Ma Pêche
    Game-Day Package: Glazed Dr. Pepper lamb ribs, spicy habanero chicken wings, jerk chicken wings, pork buns, sunflower-miso broccoli salad and pickles ($250). Serves eight-10.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail superbowl@momofuku.com to place orders. Include name, phone number and desired pick-up time. Packages can be collected on game day from 3 PM to 5 PM. No ordering cut-off, but the staff recommends getting orders in by January 30. 
(212) 757-5878

    Salvation Taco
    Game-Day Package: Get a selection ($200) of April Bloomfield’s creative taco interpretations filled with slow-roasted brisket barbacoa and braised lamb shoulder. Each eight-to-12-person order comes with your choice of either michelada or margarita mix for a crowd.
    Ordering Tips: All orders must be placed via events@salvationtaco.com by 3 PM on January 31. (212) 865-5800

    Butter Midtown

Game-Day Package: For $65 per person, choose three courses and a side from chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Game Day Tailgate Dinner menu. Offerings include a salad of grilled jalepeño, grape tomatoes and pickled onion, as well as Littleneck clams, spicy chipotle glazed wings and babyback ribs. 
    Ordering Tips: Take-out orders available on game day. (212) 253-2828

    Court Street Grocers (at Gotham West Market)
    Game-Day Package: Special Super Bowl à la carte take-out menu with braised and glazed St. Louis-cut ribs ($12/lb.), Buffalo wings ($12/dozen), French onion dip ($6/pint), and 6-ft.-long versions of their All-American (roast beef, turkey, American cheese, potato chips, mayo), Italian-American (mortadella, cappicola, pecorino, red onion, arugula) and Uncle Chucky (roasted cauliflower, mushroom, kale, beer-pickled onions) subs for $175.
    Ordering Tips: Call or order in-person by January 27. (212) 582-7940

    Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant
    Game-Day Package: No specials, but they will make you as many kick-ass Korean-style fried chicken wings, drumsticks or boneless breast pieces as you can eat. They only have two sauce options (hot and spicy or soy-garlic), but are happy to make half-and-half orders for the indecisive.
    Ordering Tips: The drumstick orders are for full-sized leg pieces, not drumettes. Note that the restaurant’s entrance is on Fifth Ave, not 32nd St., when picking up orders. (212) 714-9700


    Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
    Game-Day Package: Various mac 'n' cheese dishes ($50-75) - made with their signature handmade cheeses - are available for pickup. Each order serves 10 to 15.
    Ordering Tips: All orders must be placed at least three hours in advance; call in or e-mail candace@beecherscheese.com(212) 466-3340

    Hill Country Barbecue Market
    Game-Day Package: Knock out a game-watching party for two with the Beer Bucket & Wings ($35) special featuring 20 Texas-style chile rub wings and six PBR tall boys. Other Super Bowl specials include brisket tacos ($12), chili-smothered mac and cheese ($5.75-$21) and queso ($10).
    Ordering Tips: E-mail azalezsak@hillcountryny.com or call (646) 380-5873 to preorder. Deadline is January 31 at 12 PM; pick up at any time on game day. (212) 255-4544

    The Lobster Place
    Game-Day Package:
    No specials, but they will be open regular hours come game day, and have large-format lobster roll and seafood-slider sampler platters (MP-$125) available for delivery.
    Ordering Tips: Place orders by calling or e-mailing info@lobsterplace.com at least 24 hours in advance of when you’ll need the food. (212) 255-5672

    Num Pang

    Game-Day Package: Order the Super Pang ($125), a 3-ft.-long version of any one of the following classic Num Pang sandwiches: five-spice pork belly, pulled Duroc pork, ginger-barbecue brisket, peppercorn catfish, roasted cauliflower, hoisin-veal meatball or grilled hanger steak ($25 extra). Serves 10-12. Forties of Olde English 800 and Miller High Life are also available for takeaway ($11).
    Ordering Tips: All preorders must be placed over the phone or via catering@numpangnyc.com for pickup only. (212) 647-8886


    Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
    Game-Day Package: The Tailgater ($45) comes with 24 wings - tossed with your choice of one of three honey-based sauces or barbecue sauce - plus fries and coleslaw.
    Ordering Tips: All orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. (212) 228-0404

    Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter

    Game-Day Package: The Bobwhite Football Platter ($75) comes with 30 Buffalo-sauced wings and drumsticks, buttermilk dressing and their signature Jane’s Mustard. Mac 'n' cheese, coleslaw and spicy pickles are also included. 
    Ordering Tips: Call or e-mail bobwhitecounter@gmail.com by 9 PM February 1st to order. (212) 228-2972

    Game-Day Package: The Lechon - which translates to “roast pig” - package ($425) features a whole-roasted pig served Peking-duck-style with sweet-and-sour liver sauce and Sawsawan (a soy-vinegar sauce infused with shallots, garlic and ginger) sauce. Each order comes with rice, bao buns and a six-pack of Tiger beer. Serves 10 to 15.
    Ordering Tips: If you just want the pig, sans sides and fixings, it’s only $350. Orders must be called in or e-mailed to jeepneykamayan@gmail.com by January 30. (212) 533-4121

    Katz’s Delicatessen
    Game-Day Package: Build your own oversized pastrami sandwiches for the Super Bowl with Katz’s Sunday Football Package ($95). Each order comes with 1 lb. each of pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut and mustard, as well as half a loaf of rye bread. Also included are six hot dogs and buns. Serves 4-5.
    Ordering Tips: For pickup, place orders at least 40 minutes in advance, even on game day. (212) 254-2246

    Mighty Quinn BBQ
    Game-Day Package: Get 1 lb. each of brisket and pulled pork, a rack of ribs and your choice of any two medium sides on their menu for $68. The Chili-Lime Sriracha wings (tossed with scallions and sesame seeds, served with pickled celery) are also available at $12.50 per pound.
    Ordering Tips: Pickups only; no delivery. Place orders by January 29 at the restaurant or e-mail info@mightyquinnsbbq.com(212) 677-3733

    Momofuku Ssäm Bar
    Game-Day Package: Take-out package ($350) includes roasted pork shoulder bo ssäm served with lettuce, kimchi and ginger-scallion sauce; loaded nachos with pickled jalepeños and blue cheese slaw; confit chicken-wing buns; Fuji apple kimchi with bacon; and Milk Bar cake truffles. Serves eight to 10.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail superbowl@momofuku.com to place orders. Include name, phone number and desired pick-up time. Packages can be collected on game day from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. There's no ordering cut-off, but preorders fill up quickly; the staff recommends getting orders in by January 30. (212) 254-3500

    Momofuku Noodle Bar
    Game-Day Package: Their take-out package ($250) features Korean-style fried chicken wings, ginger-scallion noodles and chilled spicy noodles. Orders serve eight to 10 people and include kimchi, pickles and (nonboozy) mulled apple cider.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail superbowl@momofuku.com to place orders. Include name, phone number and desired pick-up time. Packages can be collected on game day from 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM. There's no ordering cut-off, but the staff recommends getting orders in by January 30. (212) 777-7773

    The Redhead
    Game-Day Package: The Fried Chicken 2 GO packages ($14-$48) as well as à la carte orders of their pretzel bites with beer cheese ($9), cornbread ($4-$7) and more are available for preorder.
    Ordering Tips: Place orders online by 5 PM January 31 to guarantee availability. (212) 533-6212

    Game-Day Package: Their Buffalitos taquito box ($75) comes with 40 Buffalo chicken taquitos, blue cheese-ranch dipping sauce and pickled celery chips. Feeds eight to 10.
    Ordering Tips: Order by phone at least 24 hours in advance.

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    Game-Day Package: Feed a group of eight to 10 game-watchers with truffle-spiked spinach and artichoke dip, wood-fired wings, barbecue sliders, chips and chipotle-tamarind guacamole for $220.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail orders to superbowl@barrio47.com by 4 PM on January 31. (212) 255-3900

    El Toro Blanco
    Game-Day Package: Order fresh housemade guacamole ($18), empanadas ($3/each), tacos al pastor ($4/each) and more à la carte from their Mexican-inspired Super Bowl take-away menu.
    Ordering Tips: Orders must be placed by phone, or by e-mailing vincent@eltoroblanconyc.com by January 31 at 3 PM(212) 645-0193

    The Meatball Shop
    Game-Day Package: The Bucket O’ Balls ($45) is back. Fill each pail of 25 meatballs with their classic beef, chicken, spicy pork or vegetarian balls, along with choice of sauce. Want meatballs but don’t want to miss out on hot-wings flavor? Their famous Buffalo chicken meatballs with blue cheese dressing are also available.
    Ordering Tips: All preorders must be placed by January 31. 
(212) 982-7815

    Game-Day Package: Their game-day package serves eight to 10 and includes espresso-glazed ribs, smoked lamb-shoulder sliders, cured meat-and-cheese plates and more for $250.
    Ordering Tips: Large preorders must be placed by January 31. For those hosting smaller parties, the restaurant is also offering regular delivery on game day via Seamless. (212) 647-1818


    DBGB Kitchen & Bar

    Game-Day Package: Special Super Bowl à la carte take-out menu featuring dips, burgers, wings, ribs, banh mi and barbecue pulled pork sliders. A whole slow-roasted hog ($445, feeds 8-10) stuffed with pork loin, chestnuts, wild mushrooms and Swiss chard is also available for preorder.
    Ordering Tips: Orders must be placed by 1/29. Bonus: each preorder comes with a free pint of housemade ice cream (vanilla, chocolate or bourbon-chocolate). (212) 933-5300

    Miss Lily’s
    Game-Day Package: The Super Bowl menu features à la carte options of its signature jerk wings (6 pieces for $10) and corn (2 pieces for $5), pork ribs (3 pieces for $15), fried plantains ($14), shrimp skewers (3 skewers for $15) and more.
    Ordering Tips: Order by calling or e-mail info@misslilysnyc.com up to 30 minutes before kickoff. (646) 588-5375

    Game-Day Package: The Parm Game Day Package ($99) serves eight to 10 and includes Parm’s housemade beef, veal and Italian-sausage-blend meatballs, tangy Buffalo agrodolce wings, and your choice of their signature Italian Combo hero, or another filled with house-roasted turkey or a chicken cutlet.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail all orders to party@parmnyc.com by January 31. (212) 993-7189 

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    Blue Smoke
    Game-Day Package: Everything from the catering menu is fair game, like the chipotle chicken wings ($38 serves 10), barbecue potato chips with blue cheese dip ($17 serves 10), and many different Southern-style ribs ($18-$28).
    Ordering Tips: The staff recommends placing orders by January 29. Call (212) 447-6058 or e-mail catering@bluesmoke.com to order. 

    Mudville 9
    Game-Day Package: Any wings options on their catering menu will be available for takeaway.
    Ordering Tips: Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance. 
(212) 964-9464

    Kutsher’s Tribeca
    Game-Day Package: Their Super Bowl menu has platters ready for four to 12 guests ($95-$295). Each features sliders, pastrami/corned beef/turkey sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, Moshe Peking’s Chicken Bites, matzo-crusted onion rings and pastrami-reuben spring rolls. À la carte items are also available.
    Ordering Tips: All orders must meet a $45 minimum and be placed via phone by January 31 at 5 PM. (212) 431-0606

  • Credit: Clay Williams


    Game-Day Package: The Super Bowl Party Pack ($150) comes with one tray each of brisket, pulled pork, coleslaw and potato salad. It feeds 10 and includes pickles, onions and bread.
    Ordering Tips: Orders are first-come, first-served, so place orders early. (718) 701-8909

    The Brooklyn Star
    Game-Day Package: Choose from a large-format seven-layer dip ($40, serves 12) made with ground beef, refried beans, cilantro rice, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream; a 10-piece fried chicken bucket ($28); and a six-person pulled pork sandwich kit ($40) with brioche buns and coleslaw. Or just take it all home for $100.
    Ordering Tips: All orders must be sent to thebrooklynstarreservations@gmail.com by January 29. (718) 599-9899

    No. 7 Sub
    Game-Day Package: Special Super Bowl take-out menu featuring fried-chicken buckets ($25-45), a cheesy roasted Brussels sprouts queso ($20), and various large-format sub-sandwich platters ($200-$585)
    Ordering Tips: E-mail catering@n07sub.com by January 31 at 5 PM to order. Pickup will be on February 2 from 4-6 PM. (718) 522-6370

    Game-Day Package: Take home a party platter ($25, serves 10-15) of jalepeño poppers, mini chicken biscuits and hot wings; a 16-piece fried chicken bucket ($35); or a quart of Big Beef Chili with cheddar cornbread ($16).
    Ordering Tips: All orders must be placed by January 30. (347) 529-6090

    Game-Day Package: Saltie will be offering extra-large 18-in.-long versions of any of their classic sandwiches for $48.
    Ordering Tips: Preorder by phone until January 31. (718) 387-4777

    Sweet Chick
    Game-Day Package: Wings ($10/dozen) - tossed in your choice of General Tso’s, spicy bacon-molasses, barbecue or Buffalo sauces - will be available for takeout. Also offered are buttermilk biscuits ($4), sloppy duck sliders ($9) and a Gruyère-Fontina mac 'n' cheese with Ritz cracker crust ($8).
    rdering Tips: Place orders by phone until February 1. (347) 725-4793


    Bark Hot Dogs
    Game-Day Package: For $160, feed 10 to 12 hungry game-watchers with lots of nachos, Buffalo wings, sliders, cheddar brats and a side of sauerkraut. The package also includes a roasted broccoli Caesar salad in case you were worried about keeping any New Year’s diet resolutions.
    Ordering Tips: Order online by February 1 at 3 PM for pickup on game day. (718) 789-1939

    BKLYN Larder
    Game-Day Package: Quarts of Super Bowl Chili ($18) made with grass-fed beef, heritage pork and heirloom beans can be purchased for takeout along with Vermont cheddar cornbread ($22/dozen), trays of Maccheroni & Cheese ($50, feeds 8-10), and football-shaped “Pigskin” sugar cookies ($22/dozen).
    Ordering Tips: Call to order by January 29. (718) 783-1250

    Pork Slope
    Game-Day Package: The Super Bowl Catering Package ($195) includes a whole slow-braised pork shoulder (pulled for easy eating), 25 wings, potato salad, coleslaw and Martin’s potato rolls.
    Ordering Tips: Send all orders to amy.talde@gmail.com by January 30. (718) 768-7675

    Game-Day Package: Half ($45) or full ($85) trays of their kung pao or Korean-style fried chicken wings will be available for groups of four to six.
    Ordering Tips: Send all orders to amy.talde@gmail.com by January 30. (347) 916-0031

  • Credit: Pok Pok


    Mile End Deli
    Game-Day Package: The Super Bowl Special serving four includes 2 lbs. of smoked meat and sides of mustard, rye bread, pickles and coleslaw for $85.
    Ordering Tips: Order via e-mail at catering@mileenddeli.com or by calling (646) 494-9508 before January 29 to get 10% off your total. (718) 852-7510

    Pok Pok NY
    Game-Day Package: No take-out specials, but those addictive fish-sauce wings will be available for takeout.
    Ordering Tips: Starting at 4 PM on game day, the staff will begin taking wing orders in “any quantity the guest likes”. To beat the rush, we suggest confirming your order with whiskeysodaloungeny@gmail.com before Sunday to guarantee that your wings will be ready in time for kickoff. All orders must be picked up at Whiskey Soda Lounge. (718) 797-4120

    The Wing Bar
    Game-Day Package: No specials, but wings will be available for takeout during game day.
    Ordering Tips: Preorders start January 27. They’re limited to how many wings they can make per hour, so if you’re hosting a large group, we suggest calling your order in sooner rather than later. (718) 237-2728


    Queens Comfort
    Game-Day Package: Get large-format versions of the bacon-scallion mac 'n' cheese ($65), the Captain Crunch-crusted chicken fingers ($70) and the smoked Buffalo chicken and blue cheese empanadas ($50). All feed 10 to 15 people.
    Ordering Tips: Call or e-mail orders to queenscomfort@gmail.com by January 30 at 4 PM. (718) 728-2359

    William Hallet
    Game-Day Package: Lots of meat-filled options here. One is a whole suckling pig ($400, feeds 10-12), served with Texas toast, collard greens and sweet potatoes. Another: a 20-person Texas barbecue platter ($350) of ribs, chicken, cornbread and mac 'n' cheese. You can also order a 3- ($150) or 6-ft.-long ($275) hero filled with Buffalo chicken, braised short rib and roasted turkey breast. (718) 269-3443
    Ordering Tips: Call orders in by January 28 for pickup on game day.


    Alewife Queens
    Game-Day Package: Wings (40 for $60) and growlers of craft beer ($18-25) will be available for pickup before kickoff.
    Ordering Tips: All preorders must be called in by February 1. (718) 937-7494

    John Brown Smokehouse
    Game-Day Package: Orders of 30 ($28), 50 ($45), 100 ($85) or 200 ($160) wings served with foie gras dipping sauce.
    Ordering Tips: E-mail orders to johnbrownsmokehouse@gmail.com by January 30. Quantities are limited, so order early. (347) 617-1120


    Game-Day Package: Teriyaki-, Buffalo- or barbecue-sauced wings (40 for $50) with the usual fixin's and blue cheese dressing. Everything on their party menu is also fair game.
    Ordering Tips: Call in orders by January 30 for pickup on game day. Local residents get free delivery on orders over $50. (718) 361-8488