Umami Asks if New Yorkers Are Ready for a $75 Burger

By Zagat Staff  |  October 30, 2013

Umami Burger is taking truffle season to the extreme this year. The Village outpost will start serving up the delicacy beginning November 4, with a menu offering the fun-loving fungus in everything from Irish fries to chocolate ice cream. And what's more, its infamous Money’s No Object (MNO) Burger will land on the East Coast for the first time starting December 5. Price tag: $75.

Those interested should open up a savings account as soon as possible. The 2013 icon of decadence looks a little like this: Flannery Wagyu beef, vintage port reduction and shaved white truffles. You can opt to have lightly seared foie gras layered on the luscious patty, though those who don't wish for the extravagant, controversial topping can score the MNO at a mere $60. It's available Thursdays to Saturdays, and you receive a commemorative T-shirt with your order - hopefully one made of the finest materials. Those looking to get a taste of truffles without taking out a second mortgage need not worry. Most items on the special menu are less than $15, including the Truffle Shiitake Royale Burger ($14), a savory substitute in case money is indeed an object. The truffle menu will run until December 31, thankfully before any New Year’s resolutions roll around. -Billy Lyons