Taste Testing Cronut Knockoff The Crumbnut

By Anne Roderique Jones  |  September 9, 2013

Last Friday, we reported that Crumb's Bake Shop has come up with its version of the Cronut, appropriately named the Crumbnut. Apparently, they’ve been selling out of the knock-offs within “30 minutes of opening,” but we were able to secure one of each variety this weekend at the 93rd and Lexington location.

The Bavarian-filled and plain Crumbnuts ($2.95) appear to be selling in pairs, with customers coming in for one of each. While grabbing ours, one Crumbs employee was quick to tell us that the Bavarian cream was easily her favorite. The plain version is more along the lines of a glazed doughnut with the signature “Cronut” layers, while the Bavarian cream is covered with powdered sugar and seeps with sweet custard. In our opinion, neither hold up to the original because they’re both a bit dry, not-so-buttery and lack flavor. One eager customer told us that while he’d never been to Dominique Ansel Bakery, “I’d rather just have a regular glazed doughnut than this.” He took a few bites of both flavors and said he preferred the Bavarian.  His conclusion: “This Crumbnut is not worth waiting in line for.”

  • A Bavarian Cream and Plain Crumbnut

  • The "Favorite" Bavarian-Cream Filled Crumbnut

  • A Plain Crumbnut