Where Are They Now? Zagat 30 Under 30 NYC Justin Warner

By Kelly Dobkin  |  July 24, 2014

One of our quirkiest 30 Under 30s to date is chef Justin Warner, who won the reality competition, Next Food Network Star, just months after our 2012 list came out. Known for his eclectic Bed-Stuy eatery, Do or Dine, Warner has established a reputation for himself as one of NYC's most unconventional chefs. The restaurant just celebrated three years in business and for Warner it feels like "mission accomplished" as the spot has solidified itself as both a neighborhood standby and a destination for adventurous diners. Set to a soundtrack of hip hop, Warner's still serves up his signature item, foie gras doughnuts, among other dishes. "If that’s on my tombstone, I will be ok with it," he tells us. Once Justin gained exposure to a national audience via his Food Network win, his series Rebel Eats premiered as a one-night-only special in March of 2013. While Justin will not continue with that series, he is working on a new and exciting TV project at present. "We're in the building blocks phase right now," he tells us, although details about this one remain largely under wraps.

Currently Justin is also set to release his first cookbook with working title, "The Laws of Cooking (And How to Break Them)" in 2015. "I want to show people that anyone can cook as long as you can pay attention and do a couple things properly. It's a crash course in cooking the way I do." In terms of Warner's future restaurant projects, nothing is set in stone but he hints that he'd love to see a certain Vietnamese noodle dish take off. "We’ve seen a lot of 'gringo' Thai restaurants, for lack of a better term," he tells us, "basically, Caucasian Asian food. I really would love to see someone do a good 'gringo pho' place. If I had one, I'd name it "Pho-gettabout it" he jokes. Speaking of pho, check out this video of Justin teaching us how to make emergency hangover pho in a hotel room using...a coffee maker. To be sure, there are only more bright things in Justin Warner's future.