Next Restaurant Announces 2014 Menus

By Kelly Dobkin  |  November 18, 2013

The restaurant-obsessed have been waiting for this moment for the last few weeks (er...the last few months): Next in Chicago has announced its 2014 menus. The world-renowned eatery, which rotates concepts several times a year, recently revealed its January-April 2014 menu theme would be "Chicago Steakhouse." So what's next? Below are the full descriptions of each menu concept for your speculation and bewilderment. Season tickets for 2014 will go on sale "soon," according to the newsletter. Be sure to check out our recent interview with chef Grant Achatz here

"January-April: Chicago Steakhouse: We admit it -- we have a love/hate relationship with steakhouses. Too often it's just 'meat on a plate' without sauces and a bigger-is-better, size-trumps-all attitude.

We love a perfectly cooked, dry-aged cut of beef, marbled, juicy and delicious. A great lobster thermidor. Perhaps a succulent shrimp cocktail, a silky bisque, simple but perfect vegetables and a few potatoes. Mix in a cocktail to start, a trophy red in the middle, and a digestif with dessert. Big music, big smiles, and a casual satisfying time for conviviality.  Perfect night, right?

Next: Chicago Steak will marry the simple and delicious with wonderfully sourced ingredients, modern techniques, and an old-world vibe. Expect a party.

** please note: due to the cost of high-quality dry aged beef this menu will be priced slightly higher than previous Next menus.

May-August: Chinese: Modern. Noodles, buns, dumplings, seafood, poultry, pork -- all the basics could be covered.  Chinese cuisine typically favors small portions of each dish but many bites, not unlike many of the menus at Next. But while we honor the ingredients and traditions, we will bring a unique Modernist attitude to this menu.  Recognizably Chinese.... recognizably Next.

August-December: Trio: January 20, 2004. Approaching the 10 year Anniversary of Alinea in 2015, our Grand Menu for the year will revisit the Tour de Force Menu that chef Achatz served on January 20, 2004. Documented in their book Life, on the Line, the meal was the start of a conversation between Grant and Nick about building a restaurant.  Barely over a year later Alinea opened. A unique retrospective on the nascent ideas that became an identifiable cuisine... as well as a few 'classics' that were long ago put on the shelf, this menu will transport diners back to a great time in chef Achatz' career.  But it is hardly a museum piece.  The cuisine remains vibrant, startling, and delicious."