10 Amazing Veggie Burgers in Philly

By Danya Henninger  |  August 27, 2014

When we asked for your votes on the best burgers in Philadelphia, we made the decision to keep it beef-only. That means we not only missed the occasional lamb or turkey version, but also the huge array of veg-only patties available around town. If you’re not a meat eater, or even if you are, you’ll want to check out this list of 10 amazing veggie burgers in Philly.

  • HipCityVeg

    After Nicole Marquis’ Ziggy Burger landed on the scene in 2012, veg burger-makers all over Philly were forced to step up their game. Smoked tempeh and special sauce plus classic toppings of LTO and pickles make this a meal even the most hardcore carnivore will relish. It’s now available at both the Rittenhouse and West Philly locations ($8.50).

  • Alla Spina

    Vetri Family beverage director Steve Wildy doesn’t eat meat, so it was in his honor that this North Broad birreria added a veg version to the menu in early 2013. Made with beets, rice, lentils, garlic, onion, almond butter and bread crumbs, the patty is firm but not dry. It’s served with house salt and vinegar potato chips (since the fries are cooked in beef fat) and if you want vegan, just ask to leave off the mayo and cheddar ($12).

  • City Tap House

    When chef Chad Vetter took over the kitchen at this West Philly brew locus last year, one of the first things he added to the menu was the non-beef patty, which combines wild rice, oats, black beans and beets. It comes topped with cheddar (if you want) and BBQ sauce made with Yards Love Stout on an onion-poppyseed brioche bun ($13).

  • Shake Shack

    The ‘Shroom Burger at this Danny Meyer joint proves there is such a thing as a decadent veggie burger. When you bite into the roasted, stuffed and battered portobello shell, it oozes muenster and cheddar. The melted cheese mixes with the Shacksauce and drips onto the lettuce and tomato, barely contained by the potato roll as you take bite after bite ($6.85).

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    Morgan’s Pier

    When he was at Koo Zee Doo, chef David Gilberg was known as an offal wizard, and there’s plenty of meat on his menu for this party deck stationed on the Delaware River. However, he deliberately included many veg-friendly dishes, including this burger made with roasted eggplant and grains, topped with feta on a potato roll ($8).

  • Village Whiskey

    Considering the fame accorded Jose Garces’ foie-topped Whiskey King at this Rittenhouse whiskey bar, it’s understandable most don’t realize there’s also a veg option. No lack of care goes into its construction, however — the patty includes more than 10 ingredients (Swiss chard, edamame, corn, beans, lentils, pepper, etc.) and half a dozen spices. It’s topped with guacamole and pickled red cabbage for $11.

  • National Mechanics

    No beans make their way into the sought-after recipe for the veggie patty at this Old City tavern, just a secret mix of grains and julienned vegetables (broccoli has been sighted, as well as zucchini and mushrooms). Top it with your choice of cheese, if desired, and chomp away ($9).

  • Strangelove’s

    “Use both hands” says the menu section listing the veggie burger at this Wash West pub from Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft, and it’s a useful tip. Chef James Kenngott makes his beef burger unique by topping it with a fried tomato and goat cheese, and the lentil-beet meat-free version gets its own signature flair from cucumber slaw, pickled onions and harissa mayo. Get it with the standout Yukon gold chips ($11).

  • Kennett

    Food is usually better than you expect at this Queen Village hideaway, and chef Brian Ricci’s veg patty is no different. Wheat berries and red beans give it a non-standard texture, and walnuts and sunflower seeds add crunch. Served with a fantastic onion marmelade and spicy thousand island dressing, it’s almost worth giving up the regular bone marrow burger for ($11).

  • Green Eggs Cafe

    It’s hard to resist a heaping plate of whipped cream-topped waffles, pancakes or French toast at any of this trio of bruncheries around the city, but if you’re not looking to take a nap after the meal, consider this option. Rolled oats, beans and brown rice are studded with chiles and onions, then smothered with chipotle mayo and pico de gallo on an onion-poppyseed bun ($13).