10 Best Delivery Burgers in Philly

By Danya Henninger  |  April 22, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

If you can’t make it out when a burger craving hits, you don’t have to settle for a slapped-together, overcooked approximation. Thanks to online delivery services’ partnerships with top Philly restaurants, all it takes to get a real-deal patty dropped off is a few clicks. (Well, that and a $15 minimum order plus a $5.99 delivery fee.)

We’ve found 10 places where convenience and quality converge to bring a great burger to your door. Neighborhood is noted for each, but if you’re in the mood for something across town, chances are they’ll deliver, at least within city limits. Bookmark this page so you never have to leave a burger craving unrequited again.

  • Sketch Burger

    Order Here When: You want a hefty-sized patty and aren’t worried about making a mess.
    Burger Best Bet: Smashed onion burger with horseradish cheddar
    Neighborhood: Fishtown
    Order Through: DiningIn
    Delivery Hours: 11:30 AM-8 PM, seven days a week

    413 E. Girard Ave.; 215-634-3466

  • Village Whiskey

    Order Here When: Foie gras would be the perfect pick-me-up.
    Burger Best Bet: Whiskey King (foie gras, maple-bourbon cipollini onions, applewood bacon, Rogue blue cheese)
    Neighborhood: Rittenhouse
    Order Through: DiningIn, GrubHub
    Delivery Hours: 11:30 AM-9 PM, Monday-Thursday; 11:30 AM-10 PM, Friday; 5 PM-9 PM, Sunday

    118 S. 20th St.; 215-665-1088

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    Nick’s Roast Beef

    Order Here When: You want bacon *inside* your patty.
    Burger Best Bet: Nick’s Bacon Burger (beef ground with 35% bacon)
    Neighborhood: Old City
    Order Through: DiningIn
    Delivery Hours: 10 AM-10 PM, Monday-Thursday; 10 AM-10:30 PM, Friday; 11 AM-10:30 PM, Saturday; 11 AM-10 PM, Sunday

    16 S. Second St.; 215-928-9411

  • Spencer ETA Burger

    Order Here When: Over-the-top toppings sounds like a good idea.
    Burger Best Bet: Tomahto Daddy (with a fried tomato, American cheese, grilled red onions)
    Neighborhood: University City
    Order Through: DiningIn, ChowNow
    Delivery Hours: 11 AM-8:30 PM, Tuesday-Friday; 2 PM-8:30 PM, Saturday

    227 N. 34th St.; 215-821-9358

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    Prime Burger Company

    Order Here When: You want LaFrieda meat on the cheap.
    Burger Best Bet: Monet Burger (goat cheese, portobello mushrooms, truffled mayo)
    Neighborhood: Historic District
    Order Through: DiningIn
    Delivery Hours: 11 AM-8 PM, Monday-Friday; 11:30 AM-8 PM, Saturday; 11:30 AM-4:30 PM, Sunday

    703 Chestnut St.; 267-519-0752

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    Varga Bar

    Order Here When: You’re planning to start your meal with duck-confit chicken wings.
    Burger Best Bet: Kobe Burger (Lancaster cheddar, applewood bacon, caramelized shallots)
    Neighborhood: Wash West
    Order Through: DiningIn, GrubHub
    Delivery Hours: 4 PM-10 PM, Sunday-Thursday; 4 PM-11 PM, Friday-Saturday

    941 Spruce St.; 215-627-5200

  • Opa

    Order Here When: You want to meld Mediterranean flavors with your all-American indulgence.
    Burger Best Bet: Bifteki Se Psomi (stuffed with feta and topped with cucumber relish)
    Neighborhood: Midtown Village
    Order Through: DiningIn, GrubHub
    Delivery Hours: 11:30 AM-2 PM and 5 PM-10 PM, Monday-Thursday

    1311 Sansom St.; 215-545-0170

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    Butcher & Singer

    Order Here When: It’s lunchtime and you want some luxe LaFrieda meat.
    Burger Best Bet: Butcher Burger (English cheddar, fried onions)
    Neighborhood: Rittenhouse
    Order Through: DiningIn
    Delivery Hours: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, Monday-Friday (burgers available at lunch only)

    1500 Walnut St.; 215-732-4444

  • London Grill

    Order Here When: The crunch of an English-muffin bun feels appropriate.
    Burger Best Bet: London Burger (with suggested toppings of Boursin and caramelized onion)
    Neighborhood: Fairmount
    Order Through: DiningIn, GrubHub
    Delivery Hours: 4 PM-9:45 PM, Monday; 11 AM-9:45 PM, Tuesday-Friday; 5 PM-9:45 PM, Saturday; 4 PM-8:45 PM, Sunday

    2301 Fairmount Ave.; 215-978-4545

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    The Mildred

    Order Here When: You want exotic meat to show up at your doorstep.
    Burger Best Bet: Venison Burger (maitake jam, pickles, triple crème cheese)
    Neighborhood: Bella Vista
    Order Through: DiningIn
    Delivery Hours: 5:30 PM-10 PM, Tuesday-Thursday; 5:30 PM-10:30 PM, Friday-Saturday; 2:30 PM-6 PM, Sunday

    824 S. Eighth St.; 267-687-1600