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5 Reasons to Attend the Next Bar Ferdinand Chef Collaboration Dinner

By Danya Henninger  |  March 11, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

Next up in David Ansill’s series of chef collaborations at Bar Ferdinand will be Scott Schroeder. The South Philadelphia Tap Room/American Sardine Bar chef will bring his blond, bearded smile to the Northern Liberties kitchen on Thursday, March 27.

From 6 PM onward that evening, guests will be able to order a $55, six-course menu featuring a meld of the two chefs’ favorites. We chatted briefly with Schroeder and came away even more convinced this is a must-hit event. Here’s why:

1) Everything on the menu is good, and if you like donuts, even better.
Scott isn’t into sweets (with shorts weather approaching, kinda wish we felt the same), so his least favorite item on the lineup is the dessert of housemade donuts. Everything else - oysters with fermented chili, grilled bluefish, smoked pork shoulder, etc. - he recommends at the same high level.

2) Just four hours on the line with Ansill had a big influence on Schroeder’s cooking.
Back when David Ansill was running Pif, Schroeder spent an evening trailing at the French BYO, and it made an impression. He loved how the straightforward menu descriptions (“Pork Chop”) left room for the chef to change things up as ingredients or season or mood dictated. Expect plenty of this - using the best available stuff to create the tastiest rendition of the dish - at the March 27 dinner.

3) Ansill taught Schroeder about using timers.
“Pif was the first line I was on that used timers,” Scott says, “That's simple and obvious now but it wasn't then. Three minutes there was three minutes, not a busy line cook’s guess at there minutes. Now there are timers all over my kitchens.”

4) There are a lot of great wines on the list at Bar Ferdinand.
Wine would be the best pairing for this meal, according to Schroeder - or at least that’s what he would drink with it, as he’s apparently not drinking beer or booze these days. You have more than 15 choices for wine by the glass at Owen Kamihira’s tapas house, and all are $12 and under.

5) This graphic by local artist James Comey.
That’s Ansill and Schroeder, no doubt. Check out menu below and call for reservations (215-923-1313).


Chef Collaboration Dinner, David Ansill and Scott Schroeder

with fermented chili sauce

Tapas Trio
marinated sardine, warm pigs head terrine, oil poached potato with celery

Grilled Bluefish
with olives and house made pickles

Soft Cooked Duck Egg
with shellfish brandade

Smoked Pork Shoulder
with spicy greens

House Made Doughnuts