6 Sausage Sandwiches You Need to Try in Philly

By Danya Henninger  |  March 18, 2014

Philly is home to some killer sausages, but as a sandwich ingredient, they often get overshadowed by the twin big guns of cheesesteak and roast pork. We’re here to give these meaty treats some deserved time in the spotlight. Here are six top options you need to try - time for a sausage fest!

  • Credit: Danya Henninger

    North Philly Sausage Cheesesteak at Alla Spina

    Why you want it: Marc Vetri’s Italian beer bar has fleshed out its menu with a decent (and delicious) assortment of veggies since its meat-heavy launch, but anything pig is a good bet from the Pat Szoke-run kitchen.
    Meaty details: Black-pepper pork sausage, caramelized onions, Asiago beer cheese, on a pretzel roll
    Price: $14
    To wash it down: Victory Hop Ticket Session IPA (on cask)

    1410 Mt. Vernon St.; 215-600-0017

  • The Bavarian at Wursthaus Schmitz

    Why you want it: Brauhaus Schmitz chef Jeremy Nolen could be considered a sausage whisperer, and the sister stand in Reading Terminal Market sells many kinds of the links by the pound and in sandwiches like this one.
    Meaty details: Smoked bauernwurst, Bavarian cole slaw, horseradish sauce, fried onions
    Price: $8
    To wash it down: Mezzo Mix (a Coke and Fanta combo popular in Germany)

    Reading Terminal Market, 51 N. 12th St.; 215-592-4287

  • Train Wreck Po’ Boy at Beck’s Cajun Cafe

    Why you want it: Native Philadelphian Bill Beck has a serious thing for the flavors of New Orleans, and he combines his two favorite cities in this cheesesteak-po’ boy mashup. What’s not to love?
    Meaty details: Andouille sausage, salami, steak, fried onions, cheese, Creole mayo, on a baguette
    Price: $9
    To wash it down: Abita root beer

    Reading Terminal Market, 51 N. 12th St.; 215-592-0505
    30th St. Stn., 30th & Market St.; 215-382-2800

  • Italian Pigs in Blanket at Tap Room on 19th

    Why you want it: Around the Super Bowl, chef Jennifer Choplin ran this special at the South Philly gastropub, and it was so popular she brought it back as a special the next week. While it’s not currently officially on the menu, it’s due to make a return soon - just ask for it.
    Meaty details: Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, ricotta, mozzarella, baked inside dough
    Price: $9
    To wash it down: Troegs Nugget Nectar

    2400 S. 19th St.; 267-687-7817

  • Italian Sausage at Rocco’s

    Why you want it: Whether you go hot or sweet, this is one of the best classic sandwiches in Philadelphia - despite the fact that it’s only served at these stands inside Home Depots across the region. Hard to beat the price too.
    Meaty details: Sausage, onions, peppers, on a soft roll
    Price: $5.49 small/$6.99 large
    To wash it down: Black cherry soda

    Multiple locations

  • “The Sandwich” at The Lucky Well

    Why you want it: At Chad Rosenthal’s Ambler BBQ joint, Italian-style sausage with lots of fennel is smoked for an hour and a half, then glazed in BBQ sauce and grilled to order. Your sandwich is then piled high with almost 9 ozs. of meat.
    Meaty details: Sausage, housemade chips and coleslaw, all on a Martin's potato roll
    Price: $12
    To wash it down: Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon (why not, it’s BBQ!)

    111 E. Butler Ave., Ambler; 215-646-4242