Aimee Olexy & Stephen Starr Heading to the Berkshires

By Danya Henninger  |  June 26, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

Aimee Olexy and Stephen Starr decided not to move forward with a third collaboration in Fishtown, but they’re teaming up to open a restaurant a bit further north — in the Massachusetts Berkshires.

Starr Events is becoming the culinary partner at the Clark Art Institute and will oversee two eateries on the grounds of the Williamstown, MA, museum. It’s something Starr does well — his organization already runs restaurants at museums in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Miami. Cafe Seven in the Berkshires looks to be one of the best yet, because Olexy will be in charge of the food.

Like she does at her three Philly-area restaurants, Talula’s Table, Talula’s Garden and Talula’s Daily, Olexy will use local market ingredients from nearby farms in menus that will change with the seasons. Cheese will play a big part, and a signature granola blend is already planned.

Friday, July 4, is the opening date for Cafe Seven, which is located in the new Visitors Center and gets its name from a seven-sided red granite wall. There’s also a more casual Stone Hill Cafe on the building’s outdoor terrace.

It’s a five-hour drive from Philadelphia to the Clark Art Institute, but if you combine one-of-a-kind galleries with an Olexy-Starr restaurant and the rest of the charm of the town, it seems like a great place for a summer escape. Road trip?