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Brains, Heart & Tongue on El Rey Day of the Dead Menu

By Danya Henninger  |  October 28, 2013

In Mexico, October 31 is more than just a time to collect candy while dressed like the latest Disney character. Instead, it marks the beginning of the Day of the Dead celebrations, a multi-day fiesta remembering those who’ve passed on with traditional foods and flowers and rituals. El Rey chef Dionicio Jimenez grew up in Puebla, Mexico, and this week he’s serving a special Dia de los Muertos menu at El Rey.

Offered Monday-Sunday, October 28-November 3, the à la carte menu includes several unusual (for Americans) ingredients, each served three ways. Sesos comes in ravioli, croquettes and on bruschetta, and the various salsas, aïolis and tequila sauce will provide so much flavor you’ll never know you’re eating brains. Also on the list are lengua (tongue), morcilla (blood sausage), corazon (heart) and chapulines (grasshoppers).

If you want to stretch your palate with new foods - or if you want to spook an unsuspecting date for Halloween - make plans to have dinner at the Stephen Starr Rittenhouse spot this week. The full special menu is below (215-563-3350).

El Rey Dia de los Muertos Menu

Each served three ways:

Sesos (Brain) $8
Ravioli with chipotle salsa; Croquettes with roasted bell peppers aïoli; Tequila sauteed on bruschetta

Lengua (Tongue) $10
Escabeche salad with tuna; Veracruzana; Taco

Morcilla (Blood Sausage) $10
Sautéed with squid; Potato confit and arbol salsa; Albondigas with spice tomato salsa

Corazon (Heart) $9
Tacos; Skewers with black garlic aïoli; Bruschetta with red wine salsa

Chapulines (Grasshopper) $10
Taco; Soup; Covered in spiced chocolate

More items:

Velas de Tuetano $9
Bone marrow edible candle with assorted mole breads

Menudo $7
Tripe soup

Pavo $16
Roasted turkey breast with mole negro

Pollo Manchamanteles $15
Chicken breast with manchamanteles salsa


Pan de Muerto $6
Day of the dead bread served with champurrado (hot chocolate)

Arroz con Leche $6
Rice pudding