Brilliant or Crazy? $50 Bel Air Omelet at Caleb’s American Kitchen

By Danya Henninger  |  March 14, 2014

When chef Caleb Lentchner was living in NYC, he heard stories about the famed $1,000 omelet at Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien. While he never got a chance to actually try the thing, he loved the idea of a decadent breakfast filled with lobster and caviar, both because of the flavors it encompassed and because it was such a conversation starter.

After getting Caleb’s American Kitchen running smoothly after a fall 2013 launch, he decided to introduce his own version. Being that his BYO was located in Bucks County and not Manhattan - and also to make it something people might actually order - he went with a $50 price point instead.

In the Philadelphia breakfast world, that’s still pretty high up there. For your half buck, the three-egg omelet is stuffed with a full ounce of American paddlefish caviar, four freshly-steamed lobster claws, Gruyère cheese and red onion. It comes with your choice of toast and house rosemary potatoes.

As of today, the $50 Bel Air omelet is available seven days a week: served at breakfast Monday-Saturday (8 AM-noon) and at brunch on Sunday (8 AM-3 PM). In the short time since the dish was announced via social media, several interested customers have already called to make sure it would be on the menu this weekend. It certainly will be.

What do you think - brilliant or crazy? Would you order a $50 omelet? Let us know in the comments.

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