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Cafe Ynez: New All-Day Mexican for Point Breeze

By Danya Henninger  |  February 4, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

Jill Weber and Evan Malone are quietly becoming a food biz power couple. The husband-and-wife team already owns two successful South Street West establishments - Jet Wine Bar and Rex 1516 - and now there’s a third restaurant on the way. As The Insider first reported, Cafe Ynez will be opening (eventually, there’s no timeline yet) at 2025 Washington Avenue.

The Point Breeze/Graduate Hospital location is the site of NextFab Studio, the design and fabrication workshop that Malone runs. (As it happens, restaurants are somewhat of a hobby for these two PhDs: he has degrees in physics, systems engineering, robotics and 3D printing; she’s a world-hopping archaeologist.)

Weber tells us they had been looking for a restaurant tenant - members and staff at NextFab needed more good food options in the neighborhood - and then decided to do it themselves. Why "Cafe Ynez"? "We wanted it to be short," Weber says, "and we also wanted it to be named after someone's grandmother. Sadly, none of the chefs have grandmothers (or even aunts) named Ynez..."

Food will be Mexican, and chef will be Mexico City native JC Piña (he’s currently at Jet). The cafe will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in addition to a menu of tacos, cemitas, enchiladas, etc., will serve big salads and will feature house-roasted rotisserie chicken as a hearty, healthy option.

Tamales will be made each weekend by a Puebla native named Reyna, and the cafe will also serve coffee in Mexican styles - think cafe de olla, cafe con leche and cappuccino rompope - using beans from Cafe L’Aube.

“The chef is really excited because it will be good, fresh Mexican food,” Weber says. So are we.