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Cochon 555 Hits Philadelphia on March 16

By Danya Henninger  |  December 13, 2013
Credit: Danya Henninger

Cochon 555 is coming to Philadelphia on March 16. Organizer Brady Lowe added Philly to the lineup for his infamous multi-city heritage pork competition for the first time after holding a “preliminary” event called Cochon Epic here earlier this year. From our end, it was a banging, pork-and-booze filled time, and from Lowe’s end it must have been a success, as our city is now on the list for the official competition.

The 2014 tour is the sixth annual traipse around the country for Lowe and his pork-tastic cohorts. Launched in order to shine a light on heritage breed pork and the difference good farming and butchering techniques make, the event will make stops in 10 cities before culminating at the Grand Cochon competition in Aspen on July 22.

Cochon 555’s format is hinted at by the name: five chefs prepare dishes from five heritage breed pigs to go with wines from five different producers. Attendees to the gala get to eat and drink all the goods, and a panel of judges decides which chef wins. The winner from each city will travel to Aspen for a chance to become grand champion.

Tickets to the Sunday, March 16, event are not yet available, but we do know it will take place at 10 Arts and run from 4-8 PM. Cochon 555 events in New York, Miami and Los Angeles all run $50 this year, so expect a price point near that, and stay tuned for news on when you’ll be able to pick one up.