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Coming Soon: Wonderland Cakes Food Truck

By Danya Henninger  |  November 12, 2013

The business climate in Philadelphia is slowly becoming food-truck friendly (or friendlier, anyway), and intrepid entrepreneurs continue to jump into the mobile kitchen game. Joining the fray this spring will be a truck from Wonderland Cakes, a dessert catering operation run by business partners Klaudia Rodzen and Nicole Mazzoni.

Instead of cupcakes (yawn), the duo’s specialty is cakes in cups. Served in a rocks glass with a spoon, these treats feature layers of mousse, cake, jams, syrups, garnishes and fruits, making for a complex dessert that’s also portable. For example, the “Bananarama” has banana sponge cake, banana crème patisserie, crushed Nilla wafers and a caramel drizzle. Also expect individually-sized tarts and pies, mini cheesecakes and dessert bars in flavors like rocky road almond marshmallow.

Rodzen and Mazzoni met in their first semester in the pastry arts program at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and they immediately hit it off after realizing they were each other’s competition for the class “best in quarter” award. After graduating, they began the catering business, which is doing brisk business already. This March, it will join the Bridesburg Commissary, a relatively new operation in the Northeast that provides kitchen, storage and parking space for area food trucks.

Plans call for the Wonderland truck to be outfitted with Victorian-style awnings, umbrellas and decorations, and Rodzen is toying with the idea of putting a couple of chairs out front to encourage lounging, creating “an atmosphere more reminiscent of a pop-up than a roach coach.” Look forward to finding the truck at all the hotspots - if they can get a spot, Klaudia and Nicole plan to frequent the 33rd and Arch “food truck mecca” in addition to The Porch at 30th, Love Park and more. Follow @w0nderlandcakes to keep track (note that's a zero after the "w" in the Twitter handle).