Donut + Cannoli = Donnoli at Frangelli’s in South Philly

By Danya Henninger  |  April 10, 2014
Credit: John Colosi

Forget about that other donut hybrid. John Colosi at Frangelli’s has come up with a combo that’s much more “Philly.” He’s calling it a Do-nnoli (i.e. donut + cannoli), and these new pastries are now available at his South Philly bakeshop for $3 each.

The sweet mash-up happened by chance. At Frangelli’s, donuts are filled to order with cream or jelly, and last weekend Colosi decided to nip his morning hunger by squirting some of the ricotta cannoli filling he was making into one of the airy yeast shells. The result was so good that he stopped in his tracks.

After getting everyone else in the bakery to taste it and agree, he came up with the name and made a batch to offer to customers. They sold out, and have every day since.

Your best chance to try the new creation comes this Saturday, April 12, when Colosi plans to make a few hundred mini Donnoli and give them out for free. Doors open at 8 AM.

h/t Holly Moore