Is Center City Getting a Jose Andres Restaurant?

By Danya Henninger  |  December 17, 2013

UPDATE: Looks like we'll get some kind of Andrés, but no telling quite what. Here's the official word from the Think Food Group camp: "José is the Culinary Director for all SLS properties so he will definitely be involved in SLS Philadelphia."

UPDATE 2: A clarification: "As Culinary Director, José is involved in collaborating with the SLS to determine the food and beverage for the brand. That doesn't necessarily mean that he will have a restaurant there." Sigh. We can always hope!


This morning, news broke in the Philadelphia Inquirer that developer Carl Dranoff is partnering with SBE Entertainment Group to build a 47-story hotel/condo at Broad and Spruce Streets. What’s most interesting about this - from a restaurant perspective - is the possibility that means we’re also in line to get our first José Andrés spot.

Andrés, whose Think Food Group is based in DC, has an ongoing partnership with SLS Hotels - the hotel is home to highly acclaimed restaurant The Bazaar. First launched in Beverly Hills and recently replicated in Miami, the dining experience at The Bazaar is described as being like a culinary “Alice in Wonderland,” and whether or not you love the food, you’ll remember the unique and whimsical experience.

The Inquirer didn’t make any mention of dining plans for the new building, which will be called the SLS International (“International” is a nod to Kenny Gamble’s Philadelphia International Records, which was located on one of the development parcels for decades). However, considering the booming restaurant climate in Philadelphia right now, there’s no reason to think an Andrés project here is out of the question. We reached out to his people for comment, and will update as soon as we hear back.