Jason Cichonski Gets Booted Off Top Chef

By Danya Henninger  |  October 10, 2013
Credit: Danya Henninger

Looks like our hometown hopes for Top Chef New Orleans are all riding on Nicholas Elmi. Last night, on just the second episode of season 11, Ela’s Jason Cichonski was sent packing. His dish of Polish gumbo just didn’t cut it, and a quip that Bravo chose to highlight - “If the judges are nice, I’ll be nice; if they’re rude, I’ll be rude back.” - couldn’t have helped all that much.

After the Padma announced his name as the eliminated contestant, Cichonski sent two telling tweets. His very first response was upbeat, hinting that he could be back at some point or another:

Bravo does run a web series called Last Chance Kitchen, where chefs who’ve been kicked off the show battle head to head for a chance to return. In his second tweet, however, he let loose the feelings of disappointment, while also rallying behind citymate Elmi.

Despite the producers’ early attempts to portray Cichonski as cocky and unliked, it was clear he made a positive impression on many of his fellow contestants, who reached out on Twitter with words of love and encouragement. Who knows what happens next - after all, this is reality TV, so expect as many twists and turns as are possible to squeeze in to a single season. And let’s go Nick!.