New Menus: Cheu Noodle Bar and Talula’s Daily

By Danya Henninger  |  September 17, 2013
Credit: Danya Henninger

Duck pho with foie gras meatballs is new on the menu at Cheu Noodle Bar, which for us is reason enough to head over in a hurry. The latest list from Ben Puchowitz also adds “Kung Pao” octopus and brings back coconut curry with squash, one of our favorites from the opening slate of offerings. That coconut curry is also available at lunch, which is served from noon-2 PM every day except Sunday and Tuesday (215-639-4136).

Meatballs are also on the just-announced October menu for the nightly dinners at Talula’s Daily, in this case in teeny lamb form with halloumi cheese and sage. Reserve a spot next month at the 7 PM “supper club” meal at Aimee Olexy's Washington Square market-cafe, and follow the mini lamb balls with four additional courses for $50 per person. Check out the full menu below (215-592-6555).

Talula’s Daily Supper Club Menu, October 2013

Teeny Lamb Meatballs
Halloumi cheese, sage, lemon shallots, olive oil

Autumn Salad
Brussels, pear, mushrooms, chicory, warm bacon and beer vinaigrette

Cider Glazed Scallops
fragrant yellow curry, pumpkin, kale, apple, cauliflower

Scented, Smoked and Leaf Wrapped Cheeses
all things fall and earthy

Maple Pudding
sweet gingersnaps