Philly Raw Juice Guide: Where to Rejuvenate

By Danya Henninger  |  January 8, 2014

If you’ve resolved to make 2014 a healthy year, there’s an easy way to get started - drink more juice. Sipping on fresh, raw produce - aka “juicing” - used to be something only health nuts did, but not anymore. Raw juice is now mainstream, and nothing proves it more than the juice bars popping up all over Philadelphia. Here’s where to go for a delicious dose of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Sip-n-Glo Juicery

    If you’re a patron of the supermarkets on South Street, you’ll never have to face the waistline danger of shopping on an empty stomach, thanks to Kristin Lubsen’s juice and smoothie bar across the street. The menu has choices for beginners - try the friendly Apple of My Eye (with carrot, apple, lemon and ginger) - to mixes for hard-core juicers with wheatgrass and cayenne pepper.

    932 South St.; 267-273-0639

  • ¡Juice!

    As of November, Graduate Hospital is home to the city’s only raw juice “speakeasy.” Proprietor Fredda Kanterman encourages people to BYO to her new juicery, and all the juice blends are served in the style of cocktails, in fancy glasses with garnishes on top. A small selection of vegetarian sandwiches and La Colombe coffee complete the menu.

    2241 Grays Ferry Ave.; 267-639-2165

  • HipCityVeg

    What proprietor Nicole Marquis has done for vegan fast food (i.e. make people want to stand in long lines for it), she’s also done for fresh juice smoothies. The signature drink at her all-veg counter-service spots is called the Groothie. Organic apples, bananas, leafy greens and seasonal fruit combine to make something special - just ask the many rabid fans.

    127 S. 18th St.; 215-278-7605
    214 S. 40th St.; 267-244-4342

  • GTC Kiosk at the Cira Centre

    Next to JG Domestic in the Cira Centre lobby is this walk-up counter offering coffee and light fare to go. This January, the offerings got a healthy boost with a menu of five juices and five smoothies made from fresh produce. Go kale, go carrot or go mango, and even add a shot of bee pollen or flax seed - any of the options is guaranteed to give you a bit of extra energy to help get through the workday.

    2929 Arch St.; 215-222-2363

  • Credit: Purefare

    Pure Fare

    The all-organic Rittenhouse cafe from brother-sister team Kriti and Kunal Sehgal happily provides up nutrition facts about every item served, and that includes the 15 juices and smoothies on the menu. Whether you choose the citrusy Green Detoxifier (104 calories) or the creamy Avocado Key Lime (169 calories), you can be sure your health is in good hands.

    119 S. 21st St.; 267-318-7441

  • Fuel

    Nearly two dozen different juice and nutrient blends are yours for the choosing at any of Rocco Cima’s trio of low-cal cafes. Follow the company slogan of “recharge yourself” with these organic mixes, many of which use produce grown in Fuel’s own Philadelphia greenhouse.

    1225 Walnut St.; 215-922-3835
    1917 E. Passyunk Ave.; 215-468-3835
    1650 Arch St.; 215-567-3835

  • Red Owl Tavern

    A restaurant with its own house butchering program might be an unlikely place to look for raw juice, but then again, opposites do attract. Last month the dining room in the ground floor of the Hotel Monaco launched a juice bar, with two rotating blends available at breakfast, lunch and anytime at the grab-and-go counter.

    422 Chestnut St.; 215-932-2267

  • Yellow Juice Bar

    Rittenhouse juicers who want to get serious about their sipping can stop by this Sansom Street juicery to choose blends that are all-vegetable, all-fruit or a mix of both. There’s also a “high-performance” section of the menu, with add-ons like extra vitamins or rice bran powder.

    2046 Sansom St.; 267-519-8296

  • The Fueling Station

    Philly’s fanciest fitness center - The Sporting Club at the Bellevue - recently revamped the cafe next to the gym entrance, turning the open-to-all spot on the eighth floor into a full-on juice bar. There’s a convenient text-to-order system, so your selection from a dozen juices and smoothies (plus sandwiches and salads) can be ready and waiting when you swing by.

    224 S. Broad St., 8th Fl.; 215-437-0430

  • Animo Juice and Burrito Bar

    After seven years across the river in Haddonfield, this GMO-free cafe landed in Center City last spring, bringing dozens of options for juice and smoothie blends, plus - you guessed it - a whole slate of burritos. There’s also a banana custard, made of nothing but frozen, organic whipped fruit, for a guilt-free dessert.

    1701 Arch St.; 215-501-7754

  • The Juice Room

    Northwest juicers can now look to this Mt. Airy storefront for a fresh fruit and veggie fix. Nearly two dozen options are on the menu, sold in three different sizes (plus pre-mixed bottles to grab and go). If you’re feeling good about your intake and want a treat - or if you want to convince your kids to come along - there’s also Bassetts ice cream for the ordering.

    7127 Germantown Ave.; 215-248-1122