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Pop-Up Beer Garden at Fergie’s, Nicholas Elmi’s Laurel Expanding

By Danya Henninger  |  July 16, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

Your daily roundup of Philly food tidbits

• Another new beer garden? Why not, the more the merrier rings true for sure in this case. Well-loved publican Fergus Carey notes that “I may not be the first and sometimes I am not last.” He’s jumping on the trend with a pop-up beer garden next to Fergie’s Pub in Midtown Village, opening tonight, July 16. Hours are 5-10 PM, Wednesday-Thursday and 2 PM-midnight, Friday-Saturday. Look for food, wine, beer and a special cocktail.

• Another summer pop-up launches tonight. Food truck Ranch Road Taco Shop is taking over the kitchen at Serrano in Old City, offering Mexican street food like blackened catfish tacos and pomegranate guacamole. Booze is also available during the pop-up, which will be open 5 PM-midnight, Wednesday-Saturday, at least through early August.

• Nicholas Elmi’s East Passyunk BYO Laurel is booked months in advance, but there are two glimmers of hope for those dying to get in. Eater has the news that the back patio table is now available for reservation. You get it for the entire evening by bringing a group of four to six people, all of whom get the $75 tasting menu (same price as it is inside). Also, there are future expansion plans in the works, and Laurel will close from August 24-September 2 to start work on that.

• Chef Justin Bogle does not need to expand, but he also doesn’t have to look for new space just yet. The eviction notice Avance was served when the building was sold out from under Georges Perrier in a sherrif’s sale has been put on hold, reports The Insider. No one is talking details. The Insider also notes that Avance was recently landed on a Wine Spectator tops list, so it’s not all bad news.