Ramp Selfies: 12 Philly Chefs Show Off Their Greens

By Danya Henninger  |  April 30, 2014

We’re currently in the throes of ramp season, with the spring allium showing up everywhere from pizza to pasta to burgers to tacos. It takes seven years for a ramp plant to go from seed to bulb, which is why they’re not usually farmed - it’s the reason you have to go out in the woods to get them during the short window when they grow wild.

Some chefs pull their own ramps direct from the dirt, and others rely on professional foragers to deliver them, but most of them are fans. (Over-hyped? Those we spoke with didn’t think so.)

We asked Philadelphia chefs to snap a selfie with their current haul, and also tell us their favorite ramp dish they’re serving this year. Flip through for some close-up ramps fun, then head to one of these kitchens to eat the goods.

  • Chef: Jason Cichonski
    Running the Kitchen at: Ela, The Gaslight
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Charred ramp vodka for a spring Bloody Mary

  • Chef: Justin Purdue
    Running the Kitchen at: Liberté 
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Filet mignon with spring vegetables, confit potato, pickled ramps and jus

  • Chef: Rob Halpern
    Running the Kitchen at: Marigold Kitchen
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Charred ramps in a “spring pea forest” with a poached egg, guanciale and Parmesan broth

  • Chef: Justin Bogle with barman Bradford Lawrence
    Running the Kitchen at: Avance
    Favorite Ramps Dish: “Til Morning Comes” cocktail made with ramps

  • Chef: Chip Roman
    Running the Kitchen at: The Treemont, Blackfish, Mica, Tradestone Cafe
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Ramp gnudi with Castelmagno cheese and brown butter at Blackfish

  • Chef: Luke Palladino
    Running the Kitchen at: Luke Palladino, LP Steak, Palladino’s (opening soon on East Passyunk)
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Beef shanks with ramp salsa verde

  • Chef: David Ansill
    Running the Kitchen at: Bar Ferdinand
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Ramp coca (Spanish flatbread) with ramp purée, ramps and shaved Manchego cheese

  • Chef: Matthew Dagget
    Running the Kitchen at: Serrano
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Penne pasta with ramp sauce

  • Chef: Joe Frost
    Running the Kitchen at: Brittingham’s
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Pan-seared Rhode Island fluke, wilted ramps, blistered tomato and chickpea salad with a ramp vinaigrette

  • Chef: Nunzio Patruno
    Running the Kitchen at: Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
    Favorite Ramps Dish: Polenta-crusted, pan-fried diver scallops with sautéed ramps

  • Chef: Jay Chadwick
    Running the Kitchen at: Ella’s American Bistro
    Favorite Ramps Dish: House-butchered suckling pig on creamy polenta with grilled ramps

  • Chef: Sonny Pache with sous chef Nick Lauria
    Running the Kitchen at: Ocean Prime