Rebel Without a Kitchen Filming in Philly

By Danya Henninger  |  October 2, 2013

Canadian food TV show Rebel Without a Kitchen is bopping around Philly today and tomorrow shooting for an episode that showcases our city. Host Matt Basile - aka Fidel Gastro (and of no relation to our local Navajo taco master and amateur food blogger Fidel Gastro) - started as a pop-up chef then moved on to his own food truck, a TV gig and his first sit-down restaurant Toronto’s Lisa Marie, which opened earlier this year.

Now he’s on tour to find out all he can about “the food pop-up revolution” in American cities. In each location, he picks a signature item and learns as much as he can about it, from classic renditions to new twists. For Philadelphia, of course, he picked the cheesesteak.

So far, Fidel Gastro has visited Foo Truck in Love Park, Geno’s - where he checked out the grill and posed for the above photo with owner Geno Vento - and Pat’s King of Steaks across the street. He also made a stop at the Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market to gather supplies.

Supplies for what? Apparently Basile is doing a pop-up table of his own at tomorrow’s Night Market Chinatown, where he’ll create his take on a cheesesteak for the cameras. The bad news: He’s not officially allowed to sell his food at the street fair (it would be tough for a Canadian who’s just here for a few days to get all the permits needed), but he will be shooting for the show, so seek out the stand and say hi.