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Retro Hot Dog Dinner, Pie + Beer, Food Truck Boom

By Danya Henninger  |  January 23, 2014
Credit: Danya Henninger

Your daily roundup of Philly food tidbits

• The first “retro hot dog dinner” held at Hot Diggity sold out so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to post about it. Luckily for frankfurter fans, chef-owner Keith Garabedian has added a second event on Thursday, February 6. Act fast (call 267-886-9253) and you could reserve a $20 seat for the four-course dinner featuring 1960s faves like Asian hot dog casserole and citrus jello mold.

• Philly’s food truck scene is hopping, but where do all these mobile kitchens go to get stocked up and cleaned up? For the Philadelphia Inquirer, Samantha Melamed looks at the commercial commissary kitchens springing up to cater to the industry. Takeaway: the food truck business is booming.

• Someone, somewhere decided that today, January 23, is National Pie Day, and who are we to argue? We wouldn’t want to, anyway, since it means homemade pie, punch and beer specials at Barren Hill Tavern in Lafayette Hill. Head over between 5-10 PM to try five different “holiday” pairings.

• On a different kind of pie tip, someone tipped off the Boston Globe that “tomato pie is a Philly staple,” as the headline reads. Reporter Chris Malloy visited South Philly tomato pie stalwarts Sarcone’s Bakery and Ianelli’s and comes away with plenty of info to tempt Massachusetts eaters into making the trip down.

• We hadn’t heard much from Taco Angeleno proprietor Vanessa Jerolmack in the past six months, and it turns out that’s because she was struggling to get community organization approval for her West Philly taco operation. In the Philadelphia City Paper, Ryan Briggs details the problems proliferating Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) can pose, noting that City Council is voting on a bill to reign them in right now.