Slider a Day: Nick’s Roast Beef

By Danya Henninger  |  October 21, 2013
Credit: Danya Henninger

While it’s sometimes used as a catch-all for any small sandwich on a round bun, the term “slider” originally and rightfully refers to a miniature burger. Each day of Burger Week, we’ll highlight a burger bite that’s worth sliding into your mouth.

When Joseph “Joey Dog” Schultice took over Nick’s Roast Beef last year, he and partner Nicole Viechnicki set about updating the menu at the 40-plus-year-old institution, a neighborhood bar nestled between the nightclubs and martini bars of Second Street in Old City. The burger was one of the first things to get an upgrade, and after finding a good Esposito meat blend to grind in-house, Viechnicki began dreaming up interesting ways to complement the patty.

One of her best brainstorms is the Southwestern slider. Each brioche bun is balanced around a juicy meat patty, a sour and crunchy tempura-fried pickle, housemade salsa and a few extra jalapenos for good measure. It’s not exactly first date material, since you have to get pretty messy to fit your mouth around the mini tower, but once that ice is cracked, the dish is pretty perfect for a second outing, especially considering sliders come two to an order for $6.50. Or just gobble them up yourself (215-928-9411).