Vedge Does a Vegan Cronut-Inspired Dessert

By Danya Henninger  |  September 19, 2013
Credit: Danya Henninger

Vegans can finally get their taste of the croissant-donut hybrids that have been popping up at bakeries across the country since Dominique Ansel first introduced his original Cronut. Vedge has created an animal-free version of the dessert, and it will first be offered tonight, September 19. Covered in cinnamon sugar and served with apple-pie stuffing and a pomegranate glaze, there are 15 of these specials available.

There’s still the issue of what to call the treat - Ansel has trademarked “Cronut” - but there’s no question that Vedge’s Kate Jacoby and pastry chef Allison Ford have come up with a winning version. In fact, we enjoyed the vegan fritter more than any other of the Cronut copycats we tried around Philly (and we tried quite a few).

Ford was inspired to try her hand at the dessert when she saw a vegan blogger post one online, and since she and Jacoby have done several donut-esque desserts in her 18 months at the Locust Street vegetable haven (a chocolate-chip stuffed beignet was one of the most popular), she jumped in head first.

It wasn’t easy to recreate the flaky layers of a croissant that then gets deep fried (Vedge relies on a vegan spread from Earth Balance instead of butter), and timing is key, but after around a week of testing, Ford and Jacoby hit on the winning recipe.

Starting October 1, the as-yet-unnamed croissant-donut hybrid will be on the regular dessert menu. Expect a version with a tangy fruit stuffing - perhaps cranberries - and a horseradish cream to help cut the sweetness. Yes, horseradish.

“When you have something like this on the menu, you know everyone’s going to order it,” Jacoby says, eyes twinkling, “So this is our opportunity to sneak in a bit of something new and different.”

Save a couple for us (215-320-7500).