Weekend Planner

Weekend Planner: Bowls of Mole, $12 Growlers of Beer

By Danya Henninger  |  February 28, 2014

Boycott the weather channel and delete the weather app from your phone, it’s not even worth paying attention to the news of cold and snow anymore. Do make sure to fill up with spicy soup and vitamin-rich juice, all the better to party during the Oscars and chug down some deeply-discounted beer. Spend a few minutes reading about the best ways to eat lunch at your desk and you’ll have even more time for fun over the weekend.

Eat This

Mole de Olla at Cafe con Chocolate
Make your way down to 21st and Snyder for a bowl of Yoshiko Yamasaki’s soul-warming soup. The traditional Mexican dish has big chunks of steak, veggies and still-on-the-cob corn swimming in a spicy broth. Garnish with cilantro, onions and lime and help chase winter away ($8; 267-639-4506).

Canapes and Organic Juice at Vegan Commissary
If you’re into eating healthy, skip the beer or wine pairings (or pre-game them) with a special series of juice pairings at Steve Laurence’s East Passyunk vegetable restaurant. On both Friday and Saturday from 5-9 PM, fruit-and-veggie master Tomas Oliver of Groovy Grub is offering a trio of organic blends matched with canapes for exactly $8.96. Try the goods and chat with the expert, then buy a few bottles of your favorites to take home (215-964-3232).

Do This

Buy $12 Brooklyn Beer Growlers at 320 Market Cafe
There are two sides to every story, but it appears someone in the Brooklyn Brewery orbit dissed the folks at this Swarthmore market and cafe and didn’t show up for a scheduled event on Thursday. Hence, the owner is eager to get Brooklyn beers off his taps to make room for a “more supportive” brewery. The upside to all this is you can swing by and pick up full 64-oz. growlers of four different brews for just $12 each. That is a hell of a deal. It’s available while supplies last, which should be throughout the weekend.

Oscar Parties
The 86th annual Academy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, and there are a few parties happening around town. Square 1682 in the Hotel Palomar is offering $6 cocktails and free truffle popcorn. 10 Arts in the Ritz-Carlton is hosting a totally free party with cocktails, Peroni and hors d’oeuvres at 6 PM followed by $8 drinks starting at 7 PM. Shake Shack in UCity is screening the awards upstairs and giving out free fries to everyone who shows up.

Read This

The Complete Guide to Eating at Your Desk
Quartz has a pretty solid list of advice for those of us who bring our midday grub back to our computers. Be shameless and get it over with, clean up after yourself and offer to share are all good tips. The one quibble we have is with the recommendation of food-replacement Soylent as an option. Just, no.

American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga
In The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal goes big with a huge digital-only feature on the quandary of water management facing the state of California. What does that have to do with us? California is the biggest source of produce in this country, so if you value your year-round lettuce, grapes, strawberries, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, artichokes, cabbage, spinach and, oh, just about anything else you can imagine, it’s reason for concern. The piece is long but fascinating.