Weekend Planner

Weekend Planner: Smoked Lamb & Shrimp Pizza

By Danya Henninger  |  January 17, 2014

The good news: it stays light past 5 PM! The bad news: it’s still winter, and next week brings another visit from the polar vortex. Put that thought out of your mind by chowing down on a smoked lamb sandwich or rich shrimp pizza and making sure your weekend is full of beer and cheese. Reads today are devoted to the unlikely: a comic about maple syrup thieves and a story of a shop-owner who sells $4 toast without making you hate her.

Eat This

Lamb Leg Sandwich at Border Springs
Chef Nick Macri smokes leg of lamb from this Virginia farm, then slices it like roast beef for a sandwich at the farm’s Reading Terminal Market stand. Served with arugula, red onions and a curry mayo, the sandwich goes for $9.49 (215-627-2100).

The Bomb Pizza at Mama Palma’s
New on the menu at this Rittenhouse Italian is a pizza topped with shrimp. The seafood swims in a lemon pepper cream sauce with plum tomatoes, crushed red pepper and mozzarella cheese, all baked onto a crunchy crust. The Bomb comes in individual, medium and large sizes ($10.50/$18.75/$23; 215-735-7357).

Do This

Cheese Ball II
We mentioned this event at the beginning of the week but it's worth a reminder. On Saturday at 7:30 PM, cheese fiends of all kinds will gather at the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties for Madame Fromage’s second annual cheese event. No tickets are necessary, just bring $10 (it’s for a good cause) and a cheese or cheese-friendly dish.


Suds & Grub at Alla Spina
There’s a new Sunday deal at Marc Vetri’s Italian beer bar on North Broad. From 4 PM on, you can order a three-course, family-style menu for $35 per person and add a beer flight for $9 or three-course beer pairing for $15. Look for Tuscan kale salad and mustard-crusted pork rack on the menu (215-600-0017).

Read This

An Illustrated Account of the Great Maple Syrup Heist
Back in 2012, thieves somehow got into a government warehouse in Canada and made off with $18 million worth of maple syrup. Modern Farmer has a great illustrated guide to the affair - a comic, really - which ends with the reminder that there’s a Hollywood movie starring Jason Segal to look forward to.

A Toast Story
You may have run into the internet fauxtrage about the $4 slices of toast that are selling like hotcakes in San Francisco these days. However, in the Pacific Standard, John Gravois traces the origin story of the latest West Coast artisanal food craze, and finds it stems not from greed or disregard for customers, but a cafe owner’s search for something to help hold her soul together. (Plus, we hear the toast is really, really good.)