Weekend Planner

Weekend Planner: Soup, Tweed and Beer by Bus

By Danya Henninger  |  November 8, 2013
Credit: Scott Schroeder

Early sunsets are a lot less painful on weekends, when they just provide extra time to enjoy the night. Make sure to fill up with two great soups during the day and you’ll have plenty of energy for the long evenings, or to spend a day touring the city via bike or bus. When you’re ready to relax, read about women, whiskey and what passes for a fast food franchise in Iran.

Eat This

Pancita at Quetzally
After spending several years as Scott Schroeder’s sous chef at South Philadelphia Tap Room and then American Sardine Bar, Jorge Piña has branched out on his own with a small BYO at 12th and Fitzwatzer. It’s worth a trip to this mostly-residential pocket to try the Mexican favorites Piña puts out along with his father Jose - and don't miss the soups. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the pancita, Mexico’s traditional tripe stew, brimming with flavor and belly-warming spice (267-207-9850).

Gumbo at the Khyber Pass Pub
Another soup that will fill and warm you at the same time is the incredibly hearty gumbo at this Old City favorite. Served over rice, the black bean base is chock full of chicken, andouille sausage, carrots, onions and more, and it pairs wonderfully with nearly any of the two dozen beers you’ll find on tap (215-238-5888).

Do This

Craft Beer Express
The twice-a-year bus tour event returns on Saturday with a lineup of a dozen beer bars in all corners of the city. Choose your starting point and buy a $10 ticket (here), and you’ll get access to the official buses that will be tracing the route from bar to bar all day long (from 11 AM-7 PM). With no driving to worry about, you can take advantage of specials and tap takeovers throughout the day.

Tweed Ride
For a more refined tour of the city, don your finest knickers and most elegant blazer, and hop on your bicycle for the sixth annual Philadelphia Tweed Ride. It’s free to join: just cycle on over to Water Works behind the Art Museum for an 11 AM departure. You’ll stop for a picnic lunch and then finish the ride at Rembrandt’s in Fairmount for an afternoon toast.

Read This

When Women Were Burned as Witches for Making Whiskey
For Serious Eats, Reid Mitenbuler reviews a new book, Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey, and delves into whiskey’s “tense relationship with femininity” over the years. Women have always made and drank whiskey, so why doesn’t the current advertising in our culture reflect that? At least female distillers no longer get burned alive. Small comforts.

A Look at Iran’s Fake American Food Franchises
Some things just beg to be BuzzFeed-ified, and this is one of them. The Iranian regime doesn’t really condone Western-style eateries within its borders, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Of course, no actual U.S. food companies are operating there; instead you’ll find joints like Pizza Hat and Mash Donald’s. If the food tastes just as good, why not?