Where to Eat Brunch This Weekend

By Danya Henninger  |  September 13, 2013

Fancy some bubble and squeak? How about bangers ‘n’ mash, or potted ham and eggs? If these dishes have you scratching your head, you definitely want to get yourself over to Front Street this Sunday and have a proper British brunch at The Victoria Freehouse.

Along with UK-tinged brunch cocktails like the Bloody Mary Queen of Scots (with lots of horseradish) and the blackberry-and-gin Bramble, you’ll find a lineup of Britain’s best morning meals, including the infamous “full English breakfast” - eggs, fried tomato, mushrooms, rashers (fried ham), bangers (sausages), Heinz baked beans and toast.

That last plate will run you $14, as will the appetizingly alliterative sherried crab shirred eggs, but everything else is $12 and under, and cocktails go for just $9 or $10. (Bubble and squeak, by the way, refers to the sounds made as the chopped veggies and mashed potatoes of the dish are being pan fried.)

If you arrive late and end up sipping English ales for a bit before you eat your meal, hold out until 4 PM, when you can partake in the weekly Sunday roast - a platter of meat, potatoes, veggies and stuffing for $18 per person (215-543-6089).