Restaurants Feed Chickens Gourmet Scraps

By Kelly Dobkin  |  September 17, 2013

Talk about paying it forward. Restaurants like Per Se, Gramercy Tavern and Daniel are sending gourmet scraps to a Pennsylvania farm to be fed to the very same chickens they will harvest and eventually serve in their restaurants. The project is part of an experiment among elite chefs to create the farm-to-table bird of the future with the help of D’Artagnan; 220 of these chickens will be served in NYC restaurants this week. So what's in their fancy diets? Scraps of fancy table bread from the restaurants, and assorted veggies. While it sounds like a good idea on the one hand, it also seems a bit Portlandia-esque to start feeding chickens things like zucchini. Read the whole thing here. Meanwhile another article today insists that chicken is killing the planet thanks to the recent approval of Chinese-processed birds. Where do you stand on the chicken issue? Tell us in the comments.