7 Places to Get Killer Wings in San Diego

By Darlene Horn  |  January 26, 2015
Credit: Commons Bar

Drenched in sauce or dry-coated with addictive spices, chicken wings are the ultimate finger food that begs to be consumed in astonishingly large amounts — preferably with your favorite brew in hand. Take a gander at these seven places for the best wings in the county.


Inland Tavern

San Marcos’ answer to awesome wings can be found at Inland Tavern. With a pedigree that includes cooking gigs around the globe, including Thailand, Vietnam and Dubai, chef Rob Conaway’s wings come in a choice of wet (ginger teriyaki, habanero pink peppercorn or Sriracha Buffalo) or dry (chile lime, dry ranch or garlic Parmesan). Regardless of style, they all start off with a 24-hour buttermilk marinade before being parbaked and then fried until crispy. From a starting order of five wings to 15, mix or match the flavors and find a favorite.

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1001 W. San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos; 760-744-8782

Phuong Trang

Chicken wings take an addictive Vietnamese spin at this Convoy area hot spot. Crispy and juicy, the garlic wings with butter get a bit of welcome heat from a sprinkle of jalapeños and fried garlic on top. The restaurant confirms that the wings are injected with a bit of liquid butter for the unique flavor profile.

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4170 Convoy St.; 858-565-6750


Commons Bar

The wings are so popular at this Gaslamp bar that there’s a large space on the menu just for them. With five levels of spice — no heat to really hot — and 12 different flavors, the permutations and combinations are limitless. Undecided on what flavor to order? Go with the popular favorite: lemon pepper wings.

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901 Fourth Ave.; 619-696-8888


Regents Pizzeria

If you’re looking to impress your friends with bragging rights for consuming the hottest wings in San Diego, look no further than this pizza joint serving up the wings doused with Scorpion peppers. Ringing in at 2,000,000 Scoville units, you’ll need to sign a waiver before digging in. If you’re not looking to feel the heat, the restaurant also serves wings with a variety of spiciness, including a tame version barely registering any spice.

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4150 Regent Park Row #170, La Jolla; 858-550-0406


Dirty Birds

The sheer variety of wings boggles the mind at this Pacific Beach restaurant. With a choice of 33 flavors to choose from, like chicken enchilada and flaming hot mustard, you’re best heading in on Monday nights for their all-you-can-eat wings for $13.99, starting at 6 PM until close. Deep-fried and tossed in sauce, these wings are served with the de rigueur side of ranch with celery and carrot sticks to break up the wing-palooza.

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4656 Mission Blvd.; 858-274-2473


Twist Sandwiches and More

Specializing in sandwiches, this North Park restaurant also offers a surprisingly tasty selection of plump wings that are deep-fried until crispy. Each order of house wings — sweet chipotle, Buffalo or one coated in a housemade ponzu with a sprinkle of sesame seeds — is served with a helping of fries.

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2041 University Ave.; 619-260-1813


This Gaslamp establishment offers something different from the fried technique — they marinade their wings for 48 hours in a secret ginger sauce before they hit the grill for a final char. Served with their signature doju sauce (hoisin-mayo mixture), it’s one of their most popular appetizers.

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627 Fourth Ave.; 619-234-0094