The 8 Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts in San Diego

By Darlene Horn  |  April 14, 2014
Credit: Flickr/Petsicos e Mininhos

Chocolate cravings hit fast, hard and often without warning. This is your emergency survival kit. From after-dinner "cigars" oozing with chocolate ganache to a trio of three chocolate desserts in one, we combed the city for the most delicious, captivating chocolate desserts around town. Here: the eight most decadent chocolate desserts in San Diego right now.

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Chocolate Trinity at Heaven Sent Desserts

    Why We Love It: North Park’s premier dessert cafe serves up three kinds of chocolate in its decadent chocolate layer cake. You’ll find sheets of white angel mousse, chocolate mousse and Mexican chocolate mousse between layers of rich devil’s food cake - all covered in a silky smooth chocolate ganache.
    Price: $8 a slice

    3001 University Ave.; 619-793-4758

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Chocolate Trio at AVANT

    Why We Love It: Why settle on one chocolate dessert when you can have three-in-one? On one end of the plate is a warm chocolate lava cake. On the opposite is salty-sweet peanut-butter ice cream sitting on top of a sugar-wafer slab with semisweet butter crunch toffee on top. Tucked in the middle? That's a surprising dark-chocolate avocado mousse that, according to executive pastry chef Margaret Nolan Carvallo, gets people “out of their dessert comfort zone.”  It’s a dessert triumph that will satisfy your chocolate craving in spades.
    Price: $10

    17550 Bernardo Oaks Dr.;  858-675-8550

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Mississippi Mud Pie at Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon

    Why We Love It: From crust to filling, every component of this pie is rife with chocolate. Belgium pudding, housemade marshmallows and brownie pieces fill a chocolate shortbread shell. Butterscotch and chocolate drizzle complete this swoon-worthy dessert.
    Price: $5.95 individual pie; $28 whole pie

    155 Quail Garden Dr., Encinitas; 760-230-6781

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Marjolaine at Michele Coulon Dessertier

    Why We Love It: This La Jolla dessert hot spot offers a wealth of drool-worthy chocolate options - but we love indulging in a slice of Marjolaine. With layers of hazelnut, almond meringue, chocolate ganache, buttercream and praline cream, this creation by French-trained Michele Coulon offers Nutella fans something to lust after.
    Price: $9 a slice

    7556 Fay Ave., La Jolla; 858-456-5098

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Yodel at Juniper & Ivy

    Why We Love It: Based on the beloved East Coast snack cake, chef Richard Blais’ take is full of surprises. An unassuming chocolate cylinder arrives at the table. Then your server pours hot chocolate over it and a medley of devil’s food cake, white chocolate mousse and hazelnut brittle spills out from the melted shell. It’s a delicious mix of textures and temperatures.
    Price: $11

    2228 Kettner Blvd.; 619-269-9036

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Chocolate Cigar at Terra American Bistro

    Why We Love It: Terra's "cigar" is actually semifrozen chocolate ganache wrapped in phyllo dough and deep-fried until golden. One bite reveals an oozy, gooey chocolate filling.
    Price: $7

    7091 El Cajon Blvd.; 619-293-7088

  • Credit: D Bar

    Cake and Shake at D Bar

    Why We Love It: Instead of leaving the ubiquitous and delicious three-layer cake alone, pastry chef extraordinaire Keegan Gerhard serves it with your choice of a vanilla, chocolate or raspberry mini-sized shake. Separately they’re delicious, but together they make a satisfying sweet ending on two fronts.
    Price: $10

    3930 Fifth Ave.; 619-299-3227

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Salted Caramel Ganache Bar at Bertrand at Mister A’s

    Why We Love It: When a chocolate bar just won’t do, the next best thing is this elegant version. A layer of decadent chocolate ganache tops a peanut praline crisp. And a chocolate bar isn’t complete without caramel. A sweet-and-savory brown-butter popcorn ice cream and caramel corn elevate the already spectacular dessert.
    Price: $9.50 lunch, $11.50 dinner

    2550 Fifth Ave. #406; 619-239-1377